4th Annual Direct Selling Australia Industry Awards Open for Submissions

Direct Selling Australia (DSA) is excited to announce that the 2020 DSA Industry Awards are now open for submissions.

The Industry Awards are designed to celebrate DSA members, helping companies and their teams to be recognised amongst their peers. Designed to empower independent direct sellers, fuel business processes or make our world a better place; the awards have one thing in common, they promote direct selling as a business channel that helps create better lives.

“Since their inception in 2017, DSA has experienced the power that these awards can have on the local business, the Independent Sales Person’s (ISP’s) and with external bodies including regulators”, shared Gill Stapleton, CEO of DSA.

The successful finalists are posted to the DSA social media pages and we know ISP’s jump on to see the name of their company. Winners of each award are provided with PR material and photos that can be circulated the morning after the awards dinners.

“The Awards are a great opportunity for direct selling companies to be recognised for their outstanding efforts implemented throughout the year,” said Gillian Stapleton.

The 2020 Award categories for Members are;

  1. The Story – Marketing/Sales Initiative
  2. The Product – Product Innovation
  3. The Why – The Distributor of the Year
  4. The Custodian – Sustainability
  5. The Giver – Industry Heart

The Award category for Supplier Members include;

  1. The Partner – Supplier of the Year

DSA is looking forward to seeing which companies take home an award this year.

The Industry Awards will be announced on Monday 22 June 2020 during the Celebratory Dinner of the 2020 DSA Annual Conference ‘Right Here, Right Now’.

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