Benefits of being with a Member

Being a direct seller can be a rewarding experience, and there are many options to achieve your goals through direct selling. There are many companies that sell a wide variety of products through a number of methods.

So, what are the benefits of joining a company that is a DSA member?

To be a DSA member, a company must show that it meets our membership criteria. Through our Code of Practice, members commit to high standards of ethics in their business dealings. This gives peace of mind and protection to direct sellers and consumers.

Sellers who represent DSA members also have the responsibility to ensure they operate according to the principles in the Code of Practice, but with this responsibility comes the credibility and guarantees of the DSA’s high standards when marketing your products to consumers.


The Code of Practice ensures that DSA Members, and their independent representatives must:

Be open and transparent in their recruitment and presentation of the business opportunity
Have fair and reasonable costs for starting a direct selling business

Provide proper contracts which include contract cancellation rights

Agree to buy back at least 90% of unsold inventory purchased in the previous 12 months

In addition, the Code of Practice provides a reliable and impartial system for resolving issues.

Sellers who join DSA members can also take advantage of other benefits including discounted rates for public liability insurance and a range of business development tools that can assist in training and growing industry knowledge and competency.

Most importantly, direct sellers with DSA members are part of our direct selling family, who will help you along your journey to achieving your goals.

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