Blackboard: The Hierarchy of Social Success

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Date: 26 October 2016
Time: [11:00]am (AEDT)

Social media is a reality. Today in Australia alone we know there are around 15 million users on Facebook and 5 million on Instagram, with hundreds of thousands more on an ever growing range of networks. If 26% of those are accessing social media sites over 5 times per day, we have to be asking ourselves – what role does social media play in my business?

The direct selling industry brings with it a unique set of considerations, with multiple layers of stakeholders and a business model that depends on effective communication. When you consider social media as an extension of that ability to have a meaningful, two-way conversation with your target audience, its value must be both acknowledged and harnessed.

By exploring the role social media plays within not only your business, but your consultants’ businesses, and finally your customers this workshop will provide a practical guide for how to maximise this essential opportunity to engage.

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