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“Experience it” And what is “it” exactly?  Well, it’s everything.  Today’s customer is more demanding, less patient, highly informed, and communicating with you on a variety of platforms. Every moment spent engaged with your brand is part of your customers’ experience. 

And the customer is? Everyone who interacts with your brand & your culture. It’s not just the comp plan; not just the product. It’s a melting pot of those two things and so much more. Ultimately, people choose and stay with your company because it feels like a community where they belong, and where the elements of your business align with their worldview.

Researching online, attending a meeting, purchasing a product, receiving the shipment and all further dealings with your company, are touch points, that contribute to whether or not a customer is going to share positive or negative “word of mouse” testimonials with their network.

A direct selling company is selling and sharing a culture. Businesses that are reinventing themselves with an experiential point of difference are being rewarded with a strong tribe of passionate ambassadors of all ages and an exponential growth rate.

At this year’s conference, we take an honest look at our direct selling “experience” and redefine the point of difference that has propelled us and will, successfully see our industry thrive for the next fifty years.

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2018 Conference Schedule

Sunday 17 June

[5:00]pm – [7:00]pm | Tourism New Zealand Welcome Reception

Come and join us for drinks and canapes and a fun filled evening of meeting new friends, reestablishing relationships and networking at the Sheraton on the Park, Sydney CDB. Free to Full Delegate Pass bookings.

Monday 18 June

[9:30]am – [4:15]pm | Sessions

[6:00]pm – [7:00]pm | Pre-Dinner Experience

[7:00]pm – [10:00]pm | Celebratory Dinner

Tuesday 19 June

[8:30]am – [9:00]am | Annual General Meeting

[9:30]am – [4:15]pm | Sessions

*Schedule subject to change

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Registration is for Member companies & DSA invited guests only

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