Consultant awarded for mentoring women in business

9-3517506-twb281016qrrrwn01_fct684x513x207.0_ct620x465AS STRANGE as it might sound at first, Dianne French has helped plenty of women using make-up.

But it hasn’t been about making them feel better with a coat of paint on their face, but rather through helping women succeed by starting their own businesses.

Ms French is a Nutrimetics consultant and throughout the years she worked there became well known for her help to up-and-coming young businesswomen.

So when it was time for people to nominate impressive women for the Queensland Rural Regional and Remote Women’s Network, QRRRWN board member Margaret Harrison didn’t hesitate to put Ms French’s name forward.

Ms French picked up the award for “inspirational woman who has paved the way for future generations”.

“I have used the products for the past 30 years and decided I really wanted my own business and help other ladies have their own businesses as well,” Ms French said.

“Nutrimetics has a structure that allows ordinary people to have an extraordinary income and life.”

She believed there were few better feelings than seeing the confidence of one of her charges grow as they began to believe in themselves and their new business.

Ms French said it could be stressful at times to mentor people, but the rewards outweighed the troubles by far.

“For me, the personal growth and confidence they get is worth it,” she said.

“A lot come in that have never done anything like this before, so patience is very important.”

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Publication: The Chronicle

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