There are many measures in place to ensure a shopper’s direct selling experience is safe, with the consumer protection rights required by law and in some cases, even more.


Look for the DSA logo

DSA Logo - Look for the Logo

Check if the order form shown to you by a salesperson, carries our logo. This will tell you if the organisation is a Member of our Association. The logo verifies that the company adheres to our Code of Practice and is committed to high professional and ethical standards.

As a shopper with DSA member companies you have the right to:

  • Guaranteed purchases
  • A full and clear explanation of the return policy
  • Cancel the purchase within a specified period
  • A receipt with full purchase details
  • The salesperson’s complete contact information
  • Direct personal contact with the seller, including after-sales service

As with any purchase, it is important that consumers should:

  • Verify that the salesperson and the company they represent are legitimate
  • Understand return policies and product guarantees
  • Never make payment or sign anything that is not fully understood

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Advice

ACCC Consumer Rights

  • ACCC has developed a promotional piece to inform consumers of their rights and the steps they can take to resolve a problem, and provides key information about when consumers can use their rights. Click here to view consumers rights to repair, replace and refund.

ACCC Seller Rights

  • ACCC has developed a promotional piece to inform sellers of their rights. Sellers are not required to provide a refund or replacement if a consumer changes their mind. But consumers can choose a refund or exchange if an item has a major problem. Click here to view sellers rights.

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