Resolving Issues

If there’s a problem

We recommend as a first step you try to sort out any issues directly with your salesperson. If not corrected get in touch with the direct selling organisation they represent. If your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved by the organisation, you can contact DSA to use our reliable, impartial system for resolving issues.

DSA members must comply with our Code of Practice. While direct selling is extensively regulated by Australian law, the Code of Practice complements this law and gives consumers more assurance. While it’s focus is on the rights of consumers it also guides behaviours between members and with direct sellers. The Code of Practice assures a quick and inexpensive alternative for resolving issues.

If DSA can’t resolve your complaint it will be referred to our independent Code Administrator for investigation and determination.

If you wish to make a complaint, it should include:

  • The date and details of the transaction
  • The alleged contravention of our Code of Practice
  • Efforts to resolve the matter
  • The current status of the issue
  • The preferred resolution
  • Any copies of receipts, invoices and other supporting documents.

Send this information to us by email, post or fax. This information can be found on the Contact Us page.

What if the company is not a member of DSA?

First check if it belongs to a direct selling association in another country, then you can take your complaint to that association.

International Direct Selling Associations

DSA New Zealand

DSA Singapore

DSA Malaysia



DSA India

DSA Indonesia

DSA Canada

DSA Taiwan

WFDSA – World Federation of Direct Selling Associations

See a complete list of direct selling associations here

Members of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) agree to follow the World Code of Conduct as a minimum standard of behaviour. The World Code means that you may still be protected, and file a complaint, even though the organisation is not one of our members.

What if the company is not a member of any direct selling association?

If you have a complaint against a direct selling company that is not a member of any direct selling association or your complaint cannot be satisfactorily resolved through our Association these organisations may be able to help you. 

Fair Trading

Australian Consumer Law – Consumers Online

ACCC – Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Office of Regulatory Services – Australian Capital Territory

Office of Fair Trading – New South Wales

Consumer Affairs – Northern Territory

Office of Fair Trading – Queensland

Office of Consumer and Business Affairs – South Australia

Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading – Tasmania

Consumer Affairs Victoria – Victoria

Consumer Protection – Western Australia

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