Ways to Shop

Direct selling is perhaps best known for person-to-person and party plan sales. These methods remain important to the industry, but today there are also many other direct selling models, including:


Many direct sales occur as a one-on-one get together between salesperson and shopper.


Many direct selling organisations offer consumers an online shopping option. Most online shopping is conducted via the salesperson’s own webpage and ID code which may be accessed via a company’s website. Alternatively, customers can shop directly from an organisation’s website, where they are then directed to a local salesperson.

Popup Shops/ Kiosks

Some distributors choose to sell from popups, usually located in shopping centres or high-traffic areas.

Party Plan (in-home demo)

This method is a relaxing and fun way to shop and generally involves a group of friends or family. During the party, guests have the chance to socialise while the salesperson explains, demonstrates, answers questions and takes orders. The party host will often receive discounted or free products.


This method is most commonly used by existing customers who place orders through their salesperson. Some organisations will also take phone orders directly.

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