Developing a Powerful Vision

EP09 Developing a Powerful Vision

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  • [0:54] Who is Linda Evenden and what’s her background?
  • [5:32] What would life be like if Linda’s not into direct selling
  • [7:50] What’s so interesting about vision?
  • [10:01] Linda’s vision
  • [13:01] Building the vision
  • [16:56] How to turn your vision into reality
  • [19:12] How do you transfer vision to your team?
  • [21:58] Resources and books that helped Linda in the business
  • [23:37] Why you must invest in your personal development
  • [25:45] The benefits of direct selling business according to Linda
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[0:38] Jen: For today we’re excited to have Linda Evenden with us. Linda is from a global direct selling company in the health and wellness category. Today we’re going to be talking to Linda about Vision.

Hi Linda, thanks for being with us.

[0:50] Linda: Good morning, Jen. Thanks for having me. I’m super excited to be here.

[0:54] Jen: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What’s your background?


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[0:57] Linda: I’m a momma. I have three beautiful kids. I have an amazing husband. My traditional career was very corporate for about 10 years. I used to work for Telstra in public relations and marketing, and public affairs. Once I became a momma, I wanted to stay a momma. I also really wanted to find a way that I could contribute, keep my passion and purpose on track and really tried to find that balance. And a work from home business kind of fell on my lap and the rest is history. I’ve been in this industry for the last eight years and have just loved every single minute of it.

[1:37] Jen: So why and how did you get involved in direct selling then?

[1:41] Linda: You know what, I’m going to be really honest here. I was a bit resistant at the start. I was one of those resistant people because I kind of thought you have to hunt people down and chase them and be out of the home doing all sorts of things all the time and to be honest, I was a mom of three kids under three and a half and …

[2:01] Jen: Wow, that’s challenging.

[2:03] Linda: I don’t know what I was thinking but it was challenging it was all consuming and to be honest it was overwhelming. I really did lose a sense of myself in all of that. It’s one of the most challenging things that I’ve ever been through and to be really honest, I feel like, the community that I saw and the camaraderie and the support of people believing you at that time when you may be the fire of your own belief is dimmed, that was so attractive to me.

And of course, the chance to kind of make some of my own money again because let’s face it when you go to one income for that time in life when there’s already enough challenge and enough push happening, it was really attractive to me to not only get my products cheaper. I was certainly someone who that made sense straight away.

But once I saw that you know what, I was already doing the business which honestly, like, let’s face it, it’s word of mouth marketing. This is something that once I understood what this business really is, it’s about caring, it’s about finding people who really needs what you’re offering and I was a raving fan of our products. I love the health and wellness industry which is where I’m working in and it came easy.

Once I got that I didn’t have to chase and convince to sell but I could just actually be me. I could share my story and my passion. Once I understood that, it was easy, it became a flow. So the resistance seemed turned into – I would say, an obsession in the best way that really it got me out of my own head – vision when we talk about that today, I was so excited to feel like hope was back in my life. I had a way that I was going to be able to put my family first and for them, make them the why not the excuse. It’s something that I would really love to impart to everyone today. When someone gives you permission that your family can be your reason why, not the reason why not, that was rocket fuel for me.

Once I really understood that that’s when I became on fire. Once I made it about other people who were in the same situation as me, maybe they had stopped dreaming, maybe their big hopes and dreams have been put on the backburner while we’re just sort of in the trenches. This is a way I call myself a strong part of my identity is to be a dream keeper. And that’s for my own dreams first and foremost, and for team as we begin to gather our team and empower them to start believing in themselves and start dreaming again.
The first question I ask everyone is, let’s play, let’s have fun, what could this be for you – you know that the system works, the product works, the company works, our team works, what could this be for you? Because if we find that, if we find what your real juice is, the reason that you’re here, that desire might be a tiny little sparkle flame right now. But if we can fan that and really ignite it, you’ll be unstoppable. All the obstacles will fall way the wayside and you’ll be drawn to the will be ease in and grace and flow for you.

So that’s step one for me Jen, I really sit down and I think about who is this person, where are they at in life, what’s not working. Maybe what’s painful, what are they ready to let go of or stop doing or releasing their life and what are they ready to really start magnifying and dreaming again. And once we’ve got that, we’ve got everything.

[5:32] Jen: So if you weren’t in direct selling, what do you think you’d be doing now? What would your life look like?

[5:37] Linda: Oh, gosh. I hate to think sometimes because honestly, the corporate world really shut me down. I became a man [laughter] [5:47] Jen: Nothing good about that.

[5:48] Linda: No. There were only two women in positions above me once I got into that kind of senior middle management and they were very hard and I couldn’t see how I could combine family first and have the time and the lifestyle to actually enjoy money because sometimes, money can come, that’s the art of achievement can be easy that the size of the achievement I should say, the art of fulfillment as Tony Robbins has taught me, I really – that’s what I focus on. The art of fulfillment is something that for many of us is missing. Even when we have the money and the success, sometimes we’re not living the life and the lifestyle that we really, really dream of. And to me, that’s the balance, that’s the dance that we want to really create is our lifestyle freedom.

I feel like I might have been – I really feel for moms who are rushing out the door and dropping two, three kids here and there and then they kind of – I say it manner. They just got to go in there and get it done and then they’ve got to come home and then they’ve got to nurture the family and do all the homework and all of these other things. I could see that happening to me and I knew, sometimes I think it’s easier and more important to know what we don’t want in life. Sometimes before the vision of what we do want, sometimes just starting with what we don’t want can be very empowering – starting to think. And then. The what we do want can reveal itself on a journey and a step by step, but I honestly think that if we were – when I gave this is a strong yes, it was a very financially fearful time.
It was an overwhelming time and even though I felt like I had too many kids and not enough money and certainly not enough time, to be honest, they were the very reasons that I would start a business like this. A home based business in stolen moments, that’s one of my mantras. We can achieve so many great beautiful things in just stolen moments.

[7:50] Jen: Look, I know you’re excited to talk with us today about vision, can you tell me why that particular topic really stood out for you?

[7:56] Linda: I think that I have surrounded myself you know our peer groups is one of our most important tools. It’s the fuel and when you’re surrounded by people who also vision creators dream keepers how I like to call it, that they’re taking massive action in the world, they are consistent, they’re smashing through obstacles and they’re out there doing the things that you dream of, success leads clues.

I had vision, big visionaries around me and I tapped into that, just through books and seminars to begin with and then I created those friendships and to really ask for what you want in life, that’s your birthright. Everyone deserves to be happy. Everyone has – I think the seeds of greatness they’ve been planted with desire. If you can dream it and think it then that’s why you’re here.

Sometimes we want to bury it and we want to play small and stay safe and who are we to go dream and honestly guys, who are we not to? Now it’s like that beautiful poem by Eleanor Roosevelt, the Dare to Dream, honestly, this is our birthright and if you can dream it and you can begin to fan those flames, it’s vision that’s your fuel. A compelling future is something that I focus on every single day. So I’m sure, many of you are familiar with what we call the law of attraction. What you focus on where energy and focus goes, energy flows, what you would attract is what you think about on a daily basis.

So to me, I see we have the choice, it’s like if our mind is a garden, a beautiful garden, we get to nurture it and nourish it. We get to top it up with the goodness every day and if we don’t the weeds are going to take over.

Life and the little pebbles and other people and their agendas, and their problems and all that stuff is going to come flooding in anyway so I encourage you to really stand guard of your garden because it’s this garden where you’re going to nurture and really create that compelling future, create that life that you love

[10:01] Jen: Can I ask you, can you tell me what your vision is for one year two years, five years from now? What about 10 or 20, do reality tell me, share that with me.

[10:11] Linda: I’ve been so blessed to have the vision just keeps unfolding and even when it felt like, this is ridiculous, this doesn’t work, I’m being silly. I got it. I promise you guys it works. If you are consistent and you can put emotions with your vision and you can see it as it’s already happened, to me that’s the key. If you can dream it, it’s in your realm of possibility for a reason. It’s magical. it’s in your grasp. You’ve been planted with those seeds of desire. And if desire means of the father, it means a regional thought, they’re yours. So, get out there and grow and make that happen.

My vision for one year in a business like this we get to use leverage. Me on my own, I couldn’t speak to a million people, but me and beautiful are the heart driven, the heart-centered leaders with their own vision, their own impact, their own leadership their own voice together we can and we will impact a million people.

Just having them believe in themselves and going on adventures and the juice of life, I think about it every day what juices me, what gets me excited in this state of anything is possible. So I use daily rituals. What you surround yourself, you become. I have my sparkly bracelets on that reminds me to really light up the world with my mission, my vision, my voice.
I also use my vision board. I’m changing that every six months at the moment because once you really attacked in and turned on, things happen fast. I’m sure you will had a time where you’ve really been in the zone with flow and ease and grace and momentum are yours and it just feels amazing. That’s the sign that you’re on the right part. That’s where purpose aligns with grace and things just happen that are out of this world. The universe kind of shifts things and makes it easier for you. I just love [crosstalk] [12:13] Jen: I can actually see that vision board you’re referring to behind you, on the wall. That’s what that is, isn’t it?

[12:19] Linda: It is, it is.

[12:20] Jen: And it looks exciting. There’s a lot of interesting things on there.

[12:23] Linda: And I guess I just want to encourage you to learn about these things and it’s okay to be skeptical. Be informed, be educated. Try them and then see what happens. Try them for a week try them for a month and really feel that you’ve been guided. Here for a reason you’re listening to this for a reason it’s the action that’s going to set you apart from everyone and everything that you do. It’s being an action taker, not a thinker, not a dreamer, so I love vision, the vision is my fuel. It’s the action that really rockets you forward to that every single day.

[13:01] Jen: We talked about goal setting and it’s a big part of a teaming results and growing a successful direct selling business. Everything has to start with that vision. In order to achieve your goals, you need that clear, concise vision from leadership right through to achieving goals. It’s all about vision. Can you share with us how did you start to build your own vision?

[13:22] Linda: I guess it began to unfold because as you win, as small visions become reality, you get braver and then pretty soon – you know I’m seven years down the track, now I just know I’m bold, bold as one of my I am statements that serves me really well every day and I asked, I asked and it is given. So my vision now scares me and I love that, right? To me, have it delight you and fright you. Have it so big, you can barely conceive and have that be your stretched vision, your stretched goal, and have the other things that are going to set you up to win. So even if it’s just one new client that you’re going to pour energy and love into, even if it’s one new team member that you get to link arms with and who said yes to you.

Gratitude, honestly to me, the roadmap is gratitude. If you can find what you’re truly grateful for right now, you’re going to get more of what you have and if honestly I believe if you’re not grateful for what you have already and we can all be grateful for something and it can be really small, but smaller the better sometimes, then you get more. And gratitude is infectious and contagious and really takes away fear. So the vision is about that feel good emotion.

[14:40] Jen: So if we can get a little bit personal, can you share with me your vision for your own personal development?

[14:46] Linda: You know what, I now have, because I have been able to create a great income which was certainly a part of the vision to give us lifestyle freedom, I just adore my husband. He works his tail off and right from the start, I really saw that – you know what all these amazing women that I just admire and respect that I able to create this incredible lifestyle for their family to just do what they want, where they want, when they want, with who they want, to me that’s the ultimate in freedom and I wanted that for our family and especially for my husband who just works so hard and we’ve really been able to create that.

I knew that there’s come a point in this business when your consistent over time, to me this is the pay it forward business. When you help as many people get what they want, you just automatically get what you want, it’s taken care of. So I learned early on to ask for the big things and they keep unfolding. So my vision really is about the team’s vision because I’ve absolutely learned, I’m not just saying this, please, believe me, I’ve learned that we get what we want when we really pour into others and when I learned what their vision is together, what we can create is pretty spectacular.

So, global travel, I was able to take the whole family to Disneyland last year. It’s not the money, it’s what you can do with the money. To buy my mom a car, to be able to take pressure off some family situations, to be able to light up my husband with magical experiences and to send my kids to the schools that I really, really want them to be able to go to. They’re minor things but that’s what really makes the difference. Being able to do that, those financial choices, they really do light me up. Being able to fly my whole family to this Disney trip of a lifetime was something that I’ll never forget. I’m a big believer investing in experiences versus stuff.

So a big part of the vision is empowering a thousand leaders worldwide. We’re already more than halfway there so that big vision to me, the more other people and their dreams it includes the faster it comes.

[16:56] Jen: Having a vision only get you halfway there. The other half is the action, execution of that vision and before that comes a plan. Can you share with us how you make your vision become reality through planning and actions?

[17:11] Linda: Great! I want to be really honest here because I love variety and I love just action and let’s get in there and do it and the systems part for me, the working backward and the blueprint and the plan have just never been that interesting to me. So I really want to express that when you got these beautiful, compelling, powerful vision, the plan is just kind of automatic. It does so much falls into place when that fuel of why you are here is very, very strong. You don’t hear the no’s. You don’t have the bad days because you are so wired. You are so tied to what you want and why you want it. We hear about the why versus the what and the how, I honestly believe, our business, our industry is not about the how even though at the start so many of us are unsure and uncertain what to do, we’re looking for the secret source and honestly guys, it’s never the secret source, it’s the vision and your compelling future and why you want this and the juice behind that. I promise you.

If your sow into that every single day, then you’ll listen to the leaders. you will listen to those who have gone before you. Success leaves clues. They’ve done it for you. They compel to pour into you and to give you the shortcut. So my three tips are, be teachable, so teachable that you know nothing leave it all at the door. You’re an empty vessel ready to fill up from the love and the teachings of your leaders.

Number two, the willingness to do the activity. This tried and proven activities that are high paying in every one of these businesses learns what they are for you, learn what excites you and juices you up and focus on that cause if you’re having fun, you will be attractive.

The third one is, do the activity, the desire. The desire is what I’m talking about, that vision. When you are fueling that desire every single day, you will be unstoppable. The rest is very, very easy.

[19:12] Jen: How do you successfully transfer your vision through to your team?

[19:17] Linda: My vision is really in some of our team mantras which is you’re a blessing in the team whether you do a little or a lot. You go at your own pace and you’re acceptable as you are. You don’t need to know anything, we’ll show you everything, every step of the way. How cool is that? And to be honest, Jen, the most important thing that I can do in that game plan interview is who is this person? Who are they? What do they want? What do they want less of? What could this be for them? And that I call it, that’s the stake in the ground. Once we’ve got that stake in the ground, my vision is their vision.

I’m a servant and to be a servant leader means if I can help them really find that juice to tap into, our vision is collective. So we have a company mission. We have a team mission. The real magic happens when I can really help people dream again and unlock, maybe what they’ve filed away for a while. But they know, they know why they’re here and their purpose.

[20:15] Jen: You mentioned the company vision, is that something that aligned with your vision and those others around you?

[20:21] Linda: Most definitely. I think there’re so many amazing companies in this industry. There’re so many great products out there. Believing in the product is essential when you can be openly passionate and authentic. Your story is everything. That is the thing that is bulletproof. No one can take argument with your story. So when I help people really just focus on their story is everything and it doesn’t have to be traumatic. Doesn’t have to be but relatable. I think this is often about duplication and simplicity. So the simpler, the better and the more authentic the better.

I’m never teaching someone to be something. I’m helping them be more of them to peel back their own layers of some vulnerability, some pain, and what their vision is and their triumphs. So I always share for me, for example, I just bring in this to life if I may, I always share that you know what, I found this industry at a time that was very financially fearful and you know what, if I could even create $300 extra a month, that meant for me that we could get a babysitter, we could have date night, I could get a cleaner, we could have takeaway food once a week, and they were things that I had to say no to, so to say yes to more again was so exciting to me and I know that that part of my story is relatable to everyone. So regardless of how much I’m creating now, the big story of oh I am creating so much is not as exciting or as enticing as when I was on Struggle Street. That’s the part of my story that people can relate to no matter where they are. So I think that’s helpful.

[21:58] Jen: Look, you mentioned a couple of books and things earlier, can you recommend anything that – you know, books or resources that have helped you along your way?

[22:08] Linda: Oh my goodness. I have so many different books and mentors and podcasts and I honestly see that a belief that has served me is, that every day is a school day, that my cup will never be full. The purpose of life is to grow and expand. We’re growing or we’re dying and the best way that I could grow is to feed my mind every single day. So I’m a big fan of the NET time which stands for “No Extra Time”. Again, that’s just to edify Tony Robbins there. My car is my mobile university.

[22:39] Jen: [laughs] [22:41] Linda: Podcasts just like this from the Direct Selling Association, from something like MLM Nation, Go Pro, I love that because it’s so relatable. It’s a bible. Beach money. I love the Four Year Career. I really encourage you to understand the gift and the amazing resource that we have with the business like this that in a few years you can really create an incredible machine that can pay you for the rest of your life and it’s a machine of other dream keepers living their dream, creating what they want in their life that truly is. When you truly understand residual income and how we get paid, we get paid to care, we get paid to help others be successful and that’s still lights me up. I became so passionate about this industry once I really understood how it works.

[23:37] Jen: Do you have someone like a mentor that you look up to?

[23:40] Linda: The leaders in my business, a huge mentors for me, I know I’ve mentioned Tony Robbins a lot. I’ve just come out of six days on one of his courses. I’ve really learned the power of immersion is very, very, powerful, condensing time and all about that. I’m always attending seminars. I probably spend between $15,000-$20,000 a year on personal development and it’s my biggest and best tip that I can give you is – that’s the speed of momentum and growth is you are your business.

The right that you grow yourself is the right that you grow your business and you know this in personal times when there are struggles, it will often show up in your business as well. So to me, our business is just a reflection of us so I’m constantly working on the one in the mirror and daily rituals. So maybe, I’ll share this really quickly some daily rituals because consistency to me is the key. you only need five to 10 minutes, and honestly, if you don’t have five to 10 minutes to grow you and nurture you, you don’t have a life.

[24:43] Linda: So you are enough, you are worthy, so please make that 10 minutes for yourself, where you are creating. If someone who has never created anything like this before, I’m a huge fan of just start somewhere, anywhere. Progress is the most important thing, the direction, doesn’t matter how fast you get there.

But even in the morning, you know, I ask great questions. What am I grateful for? What am I excited about today? Who loves me? What about that makes me happy? Who can we help today? Who did I helped today? What’s not yet, you know, perfect? What am I willing to do about that? I love empowering questions. I am statements that’s also very powerful. I am guided. I am grateful. I’m a leader. I’m a dream keeper. All of these things should I incorporate into exercise, a postcards, the vision boards. It’s just these 10 minutes. You have to get enough fuel for yourself for the day like a jet engine that’s ready to go blast off, this is the fuel for every day.

[25:45] Jen: So in summary, can you share with me the benefits of this lifestyle to you and your family?

[25:50] Linda: To me Jen it’s all about lifestyle. It’s the reason that I had the vision and consistency and I really understood early on that if I was consistent and I didn’t give up on a bad day if I just stay in line, that I would have what we’re able to enjoy right now. It’s not just the money guys, it’s what the money can do for you. My husband is now able to be at home with me every day we can drop the kids off to school, we can go to the beach, we can create adventures, we can fly where we want, with who we want, we can say yes to so much more. We can help those that we love. We can dream bigger every single day because we said yes to so many other times and we didn’t give up on a bad day. So, I just encourage you, be a student of how amazing this industry is. Become passionate about the industry.

I talked about the four beliefs. Believe in your product. Believe in your company. Believe in the industry and believe in yourself. Once you’ve got those core beliefs and you’re fueling them every single day, you really can tap into some incredible magic there that’s so much bigger than you and people will really feel that.

[27:06] Jen: Thank you so much for sharing your insights on vision. That’s been incredibly interesting and powerful and I’m sure that the listeners will get a lot out of tuning in, so thanks for being with us, Linda.

[27:18] Linda: It’s been an honour, thank you so much.

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