Direct Selling Australia Partner with Friends with Dignity

Direct Selling Australia is constantly inspired by the charitable initiatives our members conduct throughout the year. At the end of 2017, DSA decided to partner with an inspiring charity to share our support during the festive season. The charity of our choice was Friends with Dignity. Friends with Dignity proudly support victims of domestic violence rebuild their lives with purpose, dignity and hope. As those leaving violent homes usually have no belongings or financial support to rebuild their lives, Friends with Dignity’s aim is to ensure survivors have the household items required to live with dignity.

During our Christmas Membership events, we encouraged our Members to bring along a handbag filled with products that they would give to a friend in need. DSA was overwhelmed by the generous donations that were made by our membership. It was pleasure partnering with Friends with Dignity. We’re proud to know, these items donated will be used to support people who have escaped domestic violence and help start their new journey, free from abuse.

Want to know more about Friends with Dignity? Click here.

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