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Direct Selling Executive Membership profiles executives who have previously worked in the direct selling channel and want to stay up to date with all that is direct selling and its community.

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  • Gill Stapleton
    Gill Stapleton
Gill Stapleton

Gillian Stapleton was appointed Executive Director of Direct Selling Australia in July 2016. Gill is the first female appointed to this position in the Association’s 55 year history.

Gill started her career as a teacher in the UK but joined a home based direct selling business, so that she could be a full time mum to her two children. Rising to the top of that business and achieving every award and trip possible, Gill was offered a corporate role in Australia with that same organisation.

Since then, she has been the CEO of both a network marketing organisation, a party-plan business and a national Charity. Gill has also previously served as a member of the DSA Board.

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