From AFL to Healthcare and Nutrition, What a Journey!

Steven Baker played for St Kilda in the AFL from 1999 to 2011, even winning the St Kilda Best and Fairest title in 2005, before leaving to concentrate on a new career. As he says, “before playing football I worked in a timber mill, and there was no way I was going to go back to that lifestyle. I had become accustomed to a high wage and a great lifestyle, and I wanted to keep it.

To earn a similar income I didn’t have many options; become a doctor, a supermodel or try network marketing so I decided to have a crack at network marketing! In the end it was the only option that provided total financial freedom, time flexibility, looked like fun and most importantly, meant I didn’t ever have to set an alarm clock again.”

Steven didn’t pick just any company to align with – he chose Jeunesse® Global – a company that specialises in personal care/skin care products, nutrition and innovative products for wellbeing. He was attracted to Jeunesse for the opportunities it provided but ended up falling in love with the nutritional range. Since joining Jeunesse, Steven has the added benefit of working alongside his brother and sister which he loves and believes has made his family “stronger”. Together they build their sales teams and they even get to travel the world a few times every year, which Steven says has been “amazing”. Something that, if he worked in a more traditional business, would be hard to do.

Really, Steven has never looked back. As he says, “working with Jeunesse has provided me with total time and financial freedom and gives me choices on how I spend each day and who I spend my time with. It has been the best personal development course anyone could ever do, and has made me a better person. I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals and dreams, and this has been very rewarding.”

To go from an AFL career to direct selling with Jeunesse has been such a positive experience for Steven that he wanted to share his journey. It just goes to show that anyone can make a big change in their career and go from strength to strength.

In a report by Deloitte Access Economics into the direct selling industry, they found that nowadays direct sellers tend to be under 45 with a whopping 65% of the industry aged between 25-45 years old. Not only does direct selling offer lifestyle choices that appeal to generations X and Y; the industry makes a huge contribution to the economy as a whole. Comparable in size to the Processed Food and Vegetable Industry, the direct selling industry contributes almost $1.7 billion to the economy through the employment of over 475,000 people signed up to various direct selling organisations (mostly part time) with over 250,000 of them actively working at any one time.

 Author: Handle Communications

Social and economic impacts of direct selling: Direct Selling Association of Australia Inc. by Deloitte Access Economics, December 2013

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