What to expect

New skills and training

As well as the myriad training programs, professional development events and DVDs that your company will most likely provide, there will be a range of printed materials to address common questions and concerns. It’s important to understand that direct sellers must present complete and accurate information or risk legal ramifications, particularly when making statements about the company’s products, services and earning potential.

Remember, you will have the support of a team of people at head office and out in the field who all want you to succeed—perhaps the greatest strength of the direct selling industry is its people and their genuine commitment to each other.

New friendships

While direct selling offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs to shine, each individual business is still part of a larger whole. Office politics has no place in direct selling; there is no glass ceiling and no limit to the number of people who can climb the ladder of success. It is common for sales representatives to support one another and develop friendships that last a lifetime, sparked from a shared interest, mission and lifestyle.

Recognition and achievement

Direct selling organisations are quick to recognise and applaud the achievements of their team; the industry is built on and fuelled by rewarding success. Milestones both big and small will be celebrated. For your hard work, you can expect to receive rewards ranging from lapel pins and bouquets of flowers to jewellery, cars, incentive trips and dream vacations.

For many people, the thrill of being celebrated by peers, executives and corporate founders spurs on greater success and awakens a self-confidence and sense of achievement that positively influences all areas of life.

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