Goal Setting for Success

Goal Setting Success with Adam and Kira Westwick

Episode Highlights:

  • [2:25] A quick background about Adam’s previous life
  • [3:38] What’s life like without direct selling?
  • [5:10] Why they chose goal setting as the topic
  • [13:26] Vision boards – why you should have one too
  • [20:57] Daily routines to help you reach your goals
  • [26:34] Business growth and goal changes
  • [30:26] Key ingredients when setting goals
  • [36:35] What inspires Adam and Keira
  • [37:18] The most influential book in Keira’s life
  • [38:03] Adam and Keira’s greatest mentors
  • [39:01] What excites Adam and Keira
Set those goals that force you to grow as a person.


[0:49] Jen: Today we are so excited to have Adam and Keira Westwick with us, they’re from a global health and wellness company and today we’re gonna be talking about goals. So welcome to the show both of you.

[1:00] Adam: Thank you it’s nice to be a part of it.

[1:02] Jen: So can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

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[1:05] Adam: Yes, well, we’ve been together almost ten years so that’s important. We have two beautiful little girls, four and eight year old, Madeline and Jordan. We’ve come from the health and fitness industry. We’re very passionate about health you know, I mean at the age of twenty three I started my own business and I wanted freedom in my life that’s why I don’t want to be told what to do and I thought owning my own business was definitely the vehicle to do that, up until about ten years into it I finally work it out there’s no freedom in owning your own traditional business and probably become quite cynical and I’m quite grumpy and kind of like grumpy old man really.

[1:42] Keira: Yes we have a lot of stress in our life before taking a look at this business and Adam was in the traditional business game but I was a stay at home mom and I’ve been a stay home mom for eight years before going into this business. And over those eight years because I wasn’t doing anything that I was passionate about other than my kids and because I wasn’t stretching myself to grow or stretching myself outside my comfort zone on a daily basis I had become very shy, painfully shy and pretty much everything that you would imagine that you would need to be successful in these industry like this, I wasn’t. It’s crazy to think where I’ve ended up two years on from starting my business.

[2:25] Jen: So can you tell us a little bit about what you are doing previously then Adam?

[2:29] Adam: Yes well as the traditional business owner I have three personal training studios here on the Gold Coast. I have one stage I probably have twenty five to thirty staff working for me.

[2:39] Jen: You have no freedom in that. [Laughs] [2:41] Adam: Seriously ridiculous. [crosstalk] and I honestly made like I was you know my early twenties I was very ambitious. I wanted the great things you know, definitely I understood that surrounding myself with great people even from that young age, I listen to Tony Robbins religiously and all those sort of things and I think… [crosstalk] [3:01] Jen: You would have been welcome with open arms then into this industry.

[3:05] Adam: And I actually been involve in these industry in my early twenties, but I had really bad experience and I’ve said I’d never ever come back to this industry ever again. I thought I was like I often said, it was the quickest way to lose all you mates was just sign yourself up to a direct sales company. And because I got taught you know back then, I was to write a list of all your mates and go and hunt them down. So that’s what I did because I’m ambitious and so you know alcohol to ambition is not good, you know.

[3:38] Jen: So if you weren’t in direct selling what do you think your life would look like? You know,would you be different people and what would your day to day feel like would you…

[3:47] Keira: We’d still be just trapped in our traditional business. Adam was working seventy hours a week often. I’m a stay home mom. I was pretty much single parenting so he would leave before [4:00]AM. He’d never had breakfast with the girls and most evenings he wouldn’t be home to have dinner. So in our house though we were family and you know Adam is my best friend and vice versa and when you’re not seeing the person that you love most in the world it’s you know its quite daunting and just the amount of hours that he was putting in wasn’t equalling the financial rewards of stress in our life was so significant which was impacting our relationship.

And on top of that he was having chest pains from stress in his thirties which is pretty scary for me. So our life would still look like that if we have not entered this business because we couldn’t think of what plan could be until this kind of fell into our lap.

[4:39] Jen: How cute are you guys like the listeners won’t be able to see you but as they’re talking about these things they are like looking at each other and gazing at each other, it’s sort of really cute. [Laughs] [4:50] Keira: [unclear]. In this business has been amazing for our relationship because we get to hang out every day. We get to have date days together. We get to have mommy and daddy dates with our girls, like we just have so much time freedom and because there is no financial stress anymore every day is a joy and every day is a choice of what we want to do with it.

[5:10] Jen: Oh, I love this! Okay, so I know you guys are excited to talk today about Goal Setting, so can you tell me why you’re enthusiastic about that topic?

[5:19] Adam: I think the thing is because of our own personal experience, you know, I’ve motivated teams through many years and probably all the things that traditional business – that I did in traditional business that I really made it more about my staff and helping them you know earn their ideal income and all of that stuff.

It was almost at detriment to me because I’ve put so much energy into staff members and then they could leave in a blink of an eye and then it starts all over again, where in this business, I really got that if you invest time and energy and help people become successful you ultimately become successful too so I love that and I think now also, our experience was that when we came into this, is that we had massive desire to change our life and I think with all the Tony Robbins stuff and all the other personal development one thing I’m really aware about human behaviour is to avoid pain or gain pleasures.

Understanding why we’re here and what our purpose is definitely has people in action which I love.

[6:19] Keira: And for myself coming into this business because my self-worth was so low, when Adam said to do this business I was the most negative partner that was like, I can’t believe you’re doing this, it’s so not cool and I was that partner.

I’m supportive for the first seven months. He rocked it, but of course he was going to. He’s so charismatic and you know he loves business and all of those things that I wasn’t. So when I decided to be get into this business as well because we had so much pain around where our life was at and I figured that the pain of moving outside my comfort zone was far less than staying in the place that we were. So the only way for me to succeed in this business when I reflect back was really just setting those small achievable goals that would within the realm of my self-worth and when I achieved those goals my self-confidence and self-worth grew as those goals climbs – as I climb the ladder with those goals. and Adam came into this with full long term vision. I’m going to do it the fastest, the biggest in Australia you know and he did all that and he had that certainty from day one, whereas, if I have come in with that goal and mentality I would have been rocking under the table saying no too much pressure I can’t do this there is no way I can do that. And what’s really cool is even though we came in with the different mindset towards our goals we actually achieved these top positions in same amount of time.

We kind of did our businesses completely opposite, goal set in different ways, created vision in different ways and I think that is one of our greatest assets when coaching our team because we have mums who don’t have any self-belief that I can connect with and then we have business minded people who came in day one and know what we can do with this.

[7:55] Jen: In this business we talk a lot about understanding each individual’s why. It’s something that you can always come back to when setting goals and creating your vision. Is that something that you and do encourage your team to do that?

[8:09] Adam: Look, I honestly believe that it is the only reason why people are here. Most of us know about Simon Sinek. I love his video where he talks – his TED Talk about the why, but honestly I think so many people when you ask them why they’re here and I often quote “Stake in the ground” and when this lady actually introduced this business and she talks about Stake in the ground I love it and it really is about when I’m talking to anyone, it’s about first and foremost, I want to understand why they’re here and what’s going to get them. And often people for me give me a sad answer so I’ll be like why are you doing these and they are like I want to be with my kids more or I want to quit my job or I want these and this fluffy word I hate which is financial freedom and it’s just a cliché word to say.

For me I want to get really – I want to get people to get clarity on that about what their real “Why” what is that actually mean to you, you know what figure would you love to see land in your bank account, how would that impact your life, how would that change things. Then I can really help people build on their WHY and really bring it to life.

I honestIy like to see people get emotional and cry when we talk about these stuff because it means there’s deep seeded emotion and that brings out and then people are really motivated to do stuff.

[9:28] Keira: Yes, it’s going to be really tangible and I think you can’t – we normally use the word inspiration really because motivation it’s like your personal trainers that motivate you and you don’t look forward to that experience. But when you have that inwardly driven fire you’re inspired from within and therefore you’re willing to get in action and then that action creates passion and then you just find yourself in massive action in this business.

If you can help people find that fire within themselves then you’re not having to drag them up the mountain, they’re ready to run with you and I think you know for some people it seems like the smallest goal when they first come into this when we asked them what their WHY is, one thing that we really hear often from mums that I worked with, “I just wish that I didn’t have to budget the shopping every week”.

There’s so much pain around that and it seems so small but the pain of having to calculate every cent, how do I feed this family this week with the money that I’ve got. And in this industry you can turn that around in the first month. So when you capture that pain and then within a month you can transform their life by having some dollars hit their bank account, the huge sense of relief and achievement and reward happens very early in the business so that they are inspired to continue setting even greater vision and bigger goals.

[10:43] Adam: Yes, I think if I can share a little bit of our example is that when we first started this I definitely had a vision of what I wanted. Definitely this is our exit strategy out of traditional business.
I was determined to make that happen and kind of was like if not this then what’s going to break us free of this crazy lives that we got ourselves caught in.

I definitely felt trap in our traditional business like I’m doing often say I just going to get rid of it and I feel like I’m so deep in it I don’t know how to get out and I’m like what do you want me to do, go get a job and then I’ll be totally controlled by somebody? And so when this came a long you know and say we just going to give it a go anyway and Kiera was fearful because you know, that was going to take time away from something that was already just surviving our traditional business and I honestly, I didn’t try to convince Keira I think a lot of our listeners probably say, “I wish my partner would do that. I love how you guys are doing it oh my God I wish he would come and do it with me,” whatever but it was never my job to convince Keira to come and do it. I think if you try to convince your partner to do something you’re trying to convince anyone you’re doing it wrong, let alone your partner and so you know for me I have to lift the weights.

I have to prove that these actually could do what it could do and you know within six, seven months in we’ve done some cool stuff and then I said to Keira it was Christmas time 2014 and I said to her, you know but we are like two thirds of the way there of the earning that we could shut actually our business in the next potentially the next few months and for her that was definitely one of her WHY that she saw that she was going to see I was gonna be out to come home and spend and wake up every morning at home which we’ve never done in our relationship and that WHY, that fire and curious belly and our belly become even bigger and you know we did it even in quicker time that we thought we could.

I think when you got real purpose and it’s tangible you know it brings [crosstalks] [12:35] Keira: Like know exactly to the dollar. That’s what we worked with our team, like we knew exactly to the dollar once we earn that exact figure and it was sustainable, the doors of traditional business closed and we literally did it overnight when we hit that goal. And what happens when it’s so tangible rather than just fluffy, I want to quit my job I mean that’s so fluffy, who knows what that really means, but when you sit down and work, find out financially, do buy day back first do buy that part time work? Do you – is it a stepping stone and for us it was like when we get closer and closer to that ten thousand dollar goal and it happens with our team the fire in your belly grows hotter and it just made you so inwardly focus and driven that you almost have to remind yourself to take time out from this business rather than, “Oh, God I’ve got to work my business today.” It just change people’s approach to what I think.

[13:26] Jen: So when you visualised something and focus on it daily, I believe that it’s got the ability to increase your belief and keep you committed. So how do you guys stay on track to achieving goals? Do you have the vision board or somewhere that you’re mapping them out ?

[13:39] Keira: Yes absolutely, you guys can’t see behind.

[13:42] Jen: I’m asking question knowing what your answers because behind you is this amazing board. Talk to me about it.

[13:51] Keira: Yes, to be honest before this business, I knew the power of vision boards but I never actually did one for myself and you know when I decided to do this one I was probably a little bit into my business, actually.

I did have my goals written down but not visually and it’s just created so much magic in my life since I’ve done that I think when you as I believe you get what you expect in life. And when you create a vision for your life and you focus on it daily not only do you move towards it because you’re inspired to but I also believe the universal law it will be attracted to you also. So yes I think when you have a really strong vision as well you don’t hear the noise and I think that’s so important in this business that if you have direction and focus and a road map to where you’re going you don’t see all the stuff on the side and if you have someone say something negative or one of your friends or family aren’t supportive you don’t hear it because you are so excited towards where you are going.

The other power of my vision board, there’s two things actually that I’ve love about it in the last – I kind of did this one behind me in January; first of all there’s been things on it that were huge stretch to get to in the month that I committed to at the beginning of the year. So I write months on my particularly on my goals on the levels in our company. And I’m all about creating momentum and when I get to that month where I said I’m going to reach a particular goal it’s always been maybe a month earlier than when it’s going to be ease grace and flow and so many times I’ll sit back and I’ll go “uh I’ll just wait till next month” and then it’s in my face every day that I committed to myself that it was going to happened that month and I think so often in life we don’t show up for ourselves, we show up to everyone else, we show up for our boss, we show up for our family, we show up for our friends and the vision board for me is a reminder to show up for myself and my goals are non-negotiable and I made that decision from day one that if I set that goal it’s non-negotiable and if I get halfway through the month and I am nowhere near achieving that goal, it gives me the courage and fire to get outside my comfort zone, talk to my chicken list, dig deeper, be more and the great thing is when you achieve it the amount you grow as a person is just insane and then the other side of it is reflection.

I can look at that board and go oh my God look how far I’ve come, I’ve actually achieve all of these in six months and in the beginning of the year I saw that this was a stretch for the end of the year and so when you get to reflect wow I’m going so much faster than I could have imagined then it just – I don’t know it just fills me with so much joy and helps me grow even more as a person.

[16:29] Jen: I think we can all agree that one of the key things to achieving a goal is to share it with others. So whether it’s your partner, whether Keira, you’re sharing with Adam or vice versa or someone in your team it’s important to have that accountability partner so someone that is committed to remaining positive and collaborating and someone that’s working towards similar goals. So I want to know whether you guys are just sharing your goals with each other, or you’re checking in with someone else and inspiring someone else?

[16:55] Adam: If I have to be honest probably with each other, although we are best friends we’re also probably our best competitors against one another.

We’re super competitive in a fun way and there’s no doubt you know we keep each other on each other’s toes. We often in a friendly way we have our own separate businesses within our own organisations. Though you know, I got into the business first since I was the smart one, so I benefit a bit from Keira’s success, but…

[17:27] Jen: She’s always raising your kids you know and…

[17:32] Keira: And I always remind him how much of my business is his business. [Laughs] [17:36] Adam: So, yes, and honestly from the girl who went from I’m not sure if this is me to now you’re not working hard enough and look at my business compared to yours it’s fun you know it keeps me on my toes. It’s good for me. You know I think that’s the biggest thing that we get of on challenging one another.

[17:57] Keira: And I think one really important thing for families is to ensure that even if you’re family isn’t in a business that you’re including them in your goals and we definitely done this with our children and it works as partners as well to have that support and same level of excitement towards what you’re doing.

There’s been times where – there’s been many times where we’re doing back to back to back calls with so much momentum in our business right now, but we enjoy every second but to achieve what we have we have worked so hard and we, we love spending time with our kids. We’re very close to them and they used to having a lot of you know especially my time and attention and so we have to negotiate with them as well, this is what we’re going to reward the whole family when we achieve these goals.

So that had their own special rewards along the way as well as rewards that we get to enjoy together and that way we have these tool that we can use when you know they’re wanting our time and attention we can just remind them mommy and daddy are really working hard for this, this and this and even just the way our life has changed along the way, the home we get to live in now, the location that we are living in, everything that got our lifestyle has improved and we keep bringing them back to gratitude as well as growth as a family.

[19:08] Jen: You know it’s so funny when you’re talking about setting goals and sharing them with the children, particularly I often think, you know, I’ve met a lot of people that have been in this industry for some time and the people that have grown businesses with the young family, the impact that actually has on their children is incredible you know.

I always refer to them as direct selling babies because from a very young age they are setting goals. They’re creating visions and plans for their life and by the time they come in to their early teens they have just so much direction, they know exactly where they are headed and exactly what they’re going to do to get there. It just creates something that you know I guess in a traditional environment most children don’t really see what their parents are doing and what their goals might be in their workplace and watching them achieve them and then seeing the rewards from that too and it’s just you know you’ve got to be pretty new in this business really and I just look forward to what impact that’s gonna have on your family too. So stay tuned. You will have your incredible, incredible entrepreneurial children you know, That would be great.

[20:16] Keira: And I think that our kids are raised these days being thought that you just work hard and that’s life.

I just in my heart knew that there has to be more than that and I think that’s why I said we will go on and I’m just gonna be a mom because then I have freedom, I have family and they are the most important things to me and you know I love I’m so grateful that I had that opportunity for eight years before this business, but I think one of the greatest rewards for me now is that I’m showing my kids that you actually can have it all.

I’m still a stay at home mum but I’m incredibly financially independent now and I own my time and I have all the choices that come with hard working financial freedom and I’ve never seen another opportunity like it where you can truly have it all.

[20:57] Jen: So, a quote that I love is, “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out”. You know it’s about being consistent, always showing up, always keeping on keeping on. Always persisting. Can you guys share a little bit about your consistent repetitive daily efforts that are helping you toward achieving those goals?

[21:16] Keira: I’ll let Adam share on that but before he does one thing that I really learnt this year I’ve got some really great advise from some of our mentors we definitely teach them DMO – a Daily Method of Operation and I think it’s really useful for people starting out in their business to know what are the high paying activities. If I have stolen moments, 15 minutes here and there which is all Adam had when he was working seventy hours a week, what is my best due with that time. However what I’ve learned is that for myself for the first six months that I’ve joined this business, I didn’t really do that much. I wasn’t really owning it and I was kind of playing in my comfort zone a little still and I was waiting for the passion to hit me.

So I was going through the motion and the DMO was just such an ugly word for me like I have to do these today rather than I’m inspired to do it and what I’ve learned along the way is when I got the “aha moment” my darkest hour where I just started and enough is enough, I can rock this if I choose to.

It was a very defining moment about six months into my business and so because of the pain that I felt around the frustration in myself for playing small, I decided to step up and go for it and I got intoo true action, massive action. And once I got in action the passion came and I think there’s this misconception that passion will come first and then you will get an action and a lot of people sit there and wait for that, but it’s actually the other way around. Get in action and then the passion will flow through you.
Although we do teach a DMO if I’m honest all of our leaders is so inwardly inspired they just did massive action and I don’t need to do these every day I know what my objective is each day what I want to achieve this day, what do I want to achieve by the end of the week, what do I want to achieve by the end of the month in six months, in twelve months, so I know what I have to do today to meet these targets.

As I said before it’s the other way around. I have to remind myself and put notes in my diary to not work on this business rather than I need my DMO for the rest of my life outside of this business rather than what was thinking about this business.

Adam can probably share the high pace activities and things that we do share that people should be.

[23:18] Adam: I think the one thing that always lead me about the business like this is that I felt like to be successful you have to hunt your friends down and do all that stuff and I never want it to be like this – I like money and I’m ambitious but I didn’t like money that much that I was going to become one of those people.

So when I really worked out I really come and had a proper look at what this was all about and I heard about some incredible growth that was going on abroad.

I thought these kids are creating amazing lives for themselves. I want to know what the hell they’re doing it. But one thing that I got is what we do in our industry is we get to help people. No matter what product or service you have you’re helping people and then our opportunity helps people you know dream again, live again and get them off some of their financial situation.

I think if you really get that which I felt like I got straight away and then I just wanted to talk to more people and I often say that you don’t have permission to share this unless you can hear that they are looking for something more.

I think the number one activity I often share is just talk to people and not about your business and what you got to offer them but find out more about them first.

That’s always been my focus. We teach that to our team. Being cool is very high on my agenda. I’m hanging on to it these days as I get very close forty. And so, I think the number one activity in our business is connecting with more people. I think a lot of people hide behind social media, to be honest.

I think social media is a great tool, but I think a lot of people think that they just post, then their business will transform which isn’t the truth. It’s a funnel that creates conversation that you get to connect and this business is a relationship business so that’s definitely, our number one DMO. Obviously, all the other stuff like depending on how each other’s businesses work but you know like following up on people and when you come from your heart space and you generally want to help people, for me following up is a responsibility. It’s a responsibility because I generally want to help people. I’m not here to convince anyone to do this, but I’m definitely going to find out more about them and connect the dots how these can really serve them and help them get what they want in their life so that’s really our DMO.

For me I stopped watching TV when I come home at night and I work on these. You know, often people focus on what they can’t do but often I think curious before. I focus on what can you do right now, rather than what you can’t do and I think those little bite size, it’s a progression.
In the beginning we did this part time, stolen moments, but now we get to do it full time which we are lucky enough to do and everyone is on their own journey.

[25:55] Keira: And I think if you start each day with how can I add value today, who can I add value too and that’s what this business is, it’s adding value even on social media I don’t keep post until I ask myself these question, does this post add value even if someone who doesn’t want my product service or business and if you approach everything you do with that attitude people will be drawn to you and you know I don’t have to reach out that often anymore because I planted so many seeds over the time that I’m attracting people to my certainty and you know to the product and service that we have because I’ve added so much value regardless of whether it’s all for someone or not.

[26:34] Jen: So how your goals changes as it progress with your business?

[26:38] Keira: I love this question because they change massively for me. As I said Adam had massive vision right from day one and for me I had to approach this business in steps so my first goal was a smaller lump of money, a thousand dollars and that to me was the extent of my self-worth and I think it is so important to set goals that are within your realm of possibility that moves you, that excite you, but feel like they’re reachable. And so when I reached that sum of money it felt so incredibly rewarding, it felt like a million dollars. It felt as much as what my commission cheque is right now which is quite substantially more and it just empower me so much to know that I was able to do that and so then I would raise the bar a bit higher and then I would grow to that bar and then raise and raise it. And that’s all I’ve done to my business is approach it one step at a time.

Now, I’m at a point where I feel worth the money getting in my bank account and more. And so I’m able to grow my vision so much more than I was capable of in the beginning. And if you don’t feel worthy, if you’ve got these goal of earning a million dollars a year, whatever your goal is, if you don’t actually feel worthy of that it’s not going to come into your life. And I think our job is definitely to work on that as we grow. There is this one example where at the beginning of this year I wrote at the time a very substantial amount on a cheque on my vision board and we did it with the team on team training and it was the stretch for me I was shaky writing it and I thought you know what this December If I reach it by December that would just be incredible. it rocked my world feels like a huge stretch but that’s what I’m going for and I’ve got four months in and realized that was going to hit it six months in to the year and that just blew my mind like oh my God look how fast I’m growing and that also gets you to think about, who do I needed to keep becoming, what self-personal development do I need to keep doing to keep drawing these into my life, to be able to be the leader I need to be to keep growing at the rate this is growing that I can sustain it.
So, yes, and then it forced me to raise the bar again and rewrite that cheque for December and it looks like I’m on track to get that and you know it’s you know double what it was the first cheque and it’s just yes, it’s incredible.

I think as your self-worth grows as your belief in yourself grows. Your goal setting definitely changes along the way and I think the other thing that can happen is in the beginning it can be very much about what you want and the stuff that you want and the way you want your life to change and as you grow into a leader you realise that the more you make it about others and what other people want from this and what your team are excited to achieve you end up focusing almost entirely on them and the more people you help people get what they want you just get what you want without having to focus on it and there’s so much more reward in that.

[29:26] Adam: Yes, I think for us when we first started out in our business we started out in desperation. You know we really needed to change our lives and it was about survival. This is our survival mechanism to get through this. But you know now we really get to do these out of inspiration to inspire others but also to give more. You know We are definitely – our goals, are definitely about contribution. How can we contribute more and we both have independent mothers and hopefully they never read this so we – never listen to this so we can surprise them, but one of our goals is that we would love to buy them both their own home paid outright and that they can just live comfortably throughout their lives and so that’s what this gives.
You know those bigger goals and you get to dream and that pushes you more you know definitely it will be easy for us to get really comfortable and go, well, you know life is pretty good right now. We don’t really need to work that hard and we can take time out, but it’s about stretching and how else can we provide more and give more and that’s what pushes us more these days.

[30:26] Jen: So what do you believe are the key ingredients when building and setting goals and creating visions?

[30:32] Adam: I think for me is really embody it. Make it real. I think that’s what – I think so many people set goals to almost satisfy those around them or what they meant to write down or what sounds good, it’s almost cliché you know it’s a bit like I said it you know like financial freedom is not what we’re meant to say but what is that actually mean. And so I think it is about making it real, making it achievable and then like Keira said about the stretch goal is that maybe one that scares you a little bit more I think that’s what’s important. If it doesn’t feel real in some way even though it might a part of it might feel unreal, if someone had told me two years ago that would be earning the money that we are, living the life that we are I would have said that I don’t know if that’s achievable, but I think it’s a portion of that going in your journey.

[31:22] Keira: Yes, I think I believe that reaching the goal isn’t the reward, it’s the person you become along the way because no matter what happens it’s about stuff. If you lose that stuff the person that you become you can go on to re-create that and achieve so much more so I think the first key ingredient is to set goals around growth and around contribution and also yes set those goals that do force you to grow as a person.

Also looking at helping more people because the more people you help the more you get what you want.
When I sit down and I write my goals I’m very strategic about it. Not only do I set my own you know personal around new customers, around new distributors, my rank, all of that I actually do it for my team first. How many goals collectively as a team, how many new distributors collectively as a team.

I write down every rank we have and writing the names of the people I know who are going for that and I have it in front of my face everyday so I know who I’m working with and I know whose inspired to create that for themselves as well so I can meet them halfway and make sure they get what they want.

Right from the beginning I’ve set goals around growing every single month, never staying the same and never moving backwards. So if you’ve got a bunch of new distributors every month and those customer numbers should be going up. So for us it’s so important that we create a customer culture, a product driven culture within our team because therefore what you’re building is a lot more sustainable and so I have a big focus on that.
I have a huge focus on reward not just for myself but for my team. I feel like you have to reward yourself along the way. We have a bit of a thing in our team that we have a bonus structure in our business that’s quite rewarding and from day one and so we have a thing that you got to go spend some of your bonus at least on yourself, whether it’s just getting your nails done or buying some flowers for yourself or something bigger that you definitely got to reward your efforts. And then also it’s great to have a goal around being able to better your story.

I think if it’s not for you, the reason why you want to get started strong in our business and to collect those bonus is right at the beginning and maximise your commission cheque is because it gives you the most amazing story to inspire others and obviously that story grows from there and so the story that we have been able to create because of that commitment to momentum in growth month after month is so inspiring. And you know we have this balance in our story.

The one that didn’t believe in themselves and the one who did so I think that’s been almost the greatest gift I think for our team is being able to help them believe that they can create that story and vision and goal set in the same way. And as I said, the other key to my goal setting is that I’ve always set goals that are outside my comfort zone but definitely achievable and you know because you want to feel like you are growing in doing well all the time, but I always encourage my team and I always set stretch goals on top of that.

So when you look at my monthly goals where I set what I want to achieve for the month I will have the goal for the team that should be on track. It’s not always.

Sometimes I have to dig deep to stay on track with it but then I have that stretch goal and I think normally I fall somewhere in the middle and that’s been the reason why I have so much momentum in my team because if I have stopped with the goal I would have just sat back and thought awesome, we’re going to reach that goal on those months that we have been kicking butt. But it forced me just to dig deep and be excited about reaching those stretch goals every month and my team is growing so much quicker from doing that.

I think if you set a goal of “Oh I want one distributor this month you’re going to get one or none, but if you set goals of three you’re going to get two or three which is a lot better than one or none and so those stretch goal is super important too.

[35:06] Jen: So, a few quick questions before we finish off today. I’d like to ask you both what are your favourite song is?

[35:13] Adam: We both look at each other because to be honest I’m not a music person I’m like and I’m like well I like INXS, Guns and Roses just to remind you of being young and crazy you know and also I like a bit of house music, a bit of dance music that’s probably crazy time of my life to do so that’s kind of like, I don’t know what, who they are and what they are.

[35:34] Keira: For me I have a playlist that’s my get in state playlist and for me RNB lights me up it does remind me when I was young and free and fun and they’re kind of the I am statements that I like to embody because it reminds me of its time where I was self-confidence and outgoing and yes it just puts me in that state to keep growing as that person for the future.

[35:56] Jen: You guys are such a beautiful people you’re killing me. You can’t live without finish that sentence for me.

[36:04] Keira: The first thought that came to my mind was family which is so true and Adam’s like yes but you know and then it’s my blender if it was a thing. I couldn’t live without my blender. I have to have my smoothie everyday it just makes me feel so healthy and vital and the easiest thing I can do for my health every day.

[36:22] Adam: And mine are my golf clubs. I just recently broken my arm and my collar bone in two places riding a dirt bike and so if I’m not allowed to play golf at the moment which is killing me.

[36:32] Keira: Yes, earning more money can be dangerous for your life

[36:35] Jen: Now, you are inspired by?

[36:38] Keira: For me connecting with nature inspires me. It grounds me and brings me back to home to who I am and what I can achieve in life and yes, I try and get out in nature every day in some way, shape or form.

[36:53] Adam: Yes, and I’m like the total opposite. I’m like competition, I love competition so I love people who are successful you know I’m driven by and the one that inspires me is the people that I’ve just taken to the next level. I’m just – I’m always want to win at everything. I don’t know if it’s a good thing. Definitely, I use it for good and I try to get rid of the bad side that it can be.

[37:14] Jen: So, your favourite book.

[37:18] Keira: So obviously there’s so many amazing books out there that are great for this business. so Go Pro is the one we recommend most often, but if I am truthful about the book that has changed my life and made the greatest impact it’s the book called The Magic which is about starting a gratitude factors and there’s no time to talk about now how much it changed my life but it’s been the most influential book for sure and the other one I really love is “What I Know for Sure” which is a book that Oprah has written that’s also just a beautiful way to bring yourself back to a space of gratitude and abundance every day.

[37:50] Adam: And the book I always remember is How to Win Friends and Influence Others this thing is – it’s all about the WIIFM, I love that and I always remember that book as a young kid when I was given to in my early twenties and I always refer to it. I love it.

[38:03] Jen: Your greatest mentor?

[38:05] Keira: Look, I would honestly have to say that our friends have been our greatest mentors. We are extremely blessed to be surrounded by a community of friends who are very successful and I don’t just mean we often think of success as financial and business success but our friends very much strive for relationship success, family success, you know not just financial health success. There’s no doubt we wouldn’t be here were we are today without that inspiration to grow in our life on a daily basis. If I was to look outside of that the place I go most often for personal development is Tony Robbins.

[38:42] Adam: Yes, and to me if I look back in my – the biggest, the one that have the most impact in my life I believe is a high school teacher of mine, he was an AFL footballer. He was very successful and taught me lots about creating success and striving probably I would say where my competitive nature comes from, so yes that’s probably my biggest mentor.

[39:01] Jen: So, you guys what are you excited about?

[39:03] Keira: The future. We’re just getting started. Life’s amazing right now but I just think well I can imagine where it’s going to be twelve months, two years, three years and the amount of team we got to inspire and bring up along the way. I’m so excited.

[39:16] Adam: Yes, there is no doubt it’s honestly where we’re at in our life right now, in our business is really to dream bigger and to think about the sort of lifestyle that you create. Well, the money is amazing and but it’s not why I do it, it’s the lifestyle you create for yourself, it’s the experiences that you can give. Us as a couple we need to have we get to give to our kids, we get to give to our families and then outside of our family the people around us and I think that’s what this business is all about it’s people raising others up and helping others and there’s not so many places in life where you actually get rewarded helping other people to be successful and that’s what it’s all about this industry. You know people are often said it’s a cult and it is like what’s wrong with the cult like seriously

[40:05] Jen: Yeah I say cult and proud of it that’s what I say.

[40:07] Keira: I am sorry but I don’t hear the nos anymore because I genuinely deeply feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t get this and I can say that because we had this opportunity in our life two and a half years before we said yes and we were too ignorant to look at it and now I don’t care for the no’s other than genuinely feeling sorry for that person because I know my life is so much better so if someone is being negative I’m just like wow the fact that you have to project that is a reflection of where you are not where I am at.

[40:36] Jen: You guys are so inspiring I really, really enjoyed interviewing you, you’re just such an inspiration and I think you have so much to offer everybody else, you’re making an incredible impact with your business and on individual lives and your community so congratulations to you guys and you’re just the cutest couple ever if everyone could see this they just like gazing at each other and just love each other and you can just tell. It’s really beautiful.

[41:01] Adam: Not always like that we don’t want to make up we’re the perfect couple. It’s not always like that and you know working home together all the time has it’s positives, but also has its challenges, but I think honestly as a general a big thank you to you. Our CEO spoke very highly of you and the impact that you’re making and making this industry better and really say that a big thank you to you for everything that you’re doing.

[41:30] Jen: Thank you so much guys.

[41:32] Adam: Bye!


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