Hockeyroo Taylor makes clean start

1512 Enjo HockeyrooSOUTH Perth local and ex-Hockeyroos player Jayde Taylor has swapped her stick for a cleaning glove, and turned her attention to educating locals on how to remove toxic chemicals from their lifestyles.

Over the past few months, Ms Taylor (30) has conducted at-home Enjo demonstrations to spread the word about the health risks associated with cleaning chemicals.

“The at-home demonstrations show people how well you can actually clean without chemicals,” she said.

“These gloves don’t just move the dirt around, it actually picks it up and takes dirt away with just the fibres and water.”

Not only does Ms Taylor condone the chemical-free products for their cleaning abilities, she also said they were the clear front-running option for people who don’t want to spend time doing household chores .

“It’s just so much easier; you just use a bit of water, wipe and then you’re literally done,” she said.

“It might seem like a big investment at first but in the long run it’s so worthwhile.”

As an ambassador for Australian cancer charity organisation Redkite, fighting for a healthy cause is nothing new to the ex-hockey star.

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Author: Kaylee Martin
Publication: Southern Gazette

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and not necessarily those of DSA

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