How to Create a Converting Landing Page Your Field Can Use Easily

Effective sales landing pages have proven to be critical in converting prospects to customers. However, creating these one-page information-packed tools is not all that easy, especially if you’re planning to have your consultants or distributors use them.

There are many elements to consider. That is why in this episode I have decided to share my experience in creating a converting landing page your field can easily use.

We will be giving examples of what a great sales landing page is and how to create the same for your specific products or product groups or opportunity. We will also give examples of what a bad sales landing page is so can avoid them when creating your one page conversion tool.

I hope you will get some ideas from this episode. I’m excited to share this with you so that your field distributors can have greater success with their sales efforts.

In This Episode:

[00:35] – Why Do You Need to Know This?

[01:01] – Understanding the Importance of maximising the success rate of conversion

[02:07] – Effectiveness of a landing page when it comes to sales

[02:52] – What exactly is a high converting sales landing page?

[03:59] – How to have your landing page information flow perfectly for better Conversion?

[04:47] – Disadvantage for companies having information and content not properly organised

[06:10] – Advantages of Having a Landing Page Setup

[07:01] – How Do You Design a Converting Landing Page?

[10:02] – What should be the content of your landing page?

[10:19] – Elements of a landing page

[16:21] – What to do if you have multiple products – Tips on how to save time and properly organise them for maximum results

[17:51] – Actionable steps from this particular podcast

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About the Author

Liza Choa is a highly skilled specialist in lead generation, conversion, retention and training. Her seven years as a field leader in the direct sales industry and her ability to quickly master new online technologies is pivotal to her clients’ success.

Liza is the founder and managing director of Content Maximiser, a digital marketing agency specialising in multimedia content creation and online lead generation.

Liza Choa

Digital Marketing Strategist, Content Maximiser

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