Whilst reflecting on the values that built this industry, it’s now time to TURN IT UP! This year marks 50 years for Direct Selling Australia and to celebrate the occasion the association is planning an annual conference to lead the industry into transformation.

The sales environment is fast, digitally driven and increasingly dominated by entrepreneurial consumers.  Consumers will become a dominant force in direct selling, with their demands and needs influencing the way we do business with them.  Direct Selling companies need to be agile and innovative to keep up.  Conference 2017 will challenge the way we do things and explore ideas on how we can propel our industry into the future.

The conference will be held at the prestige Sydney hotel, Intercontinental Double Bay, from June 19-20, 2017.  The event will bring together member company executives to share best practices not only from local and international direct selling companies – but best practices from successful retailers.

The event will focus on the following topics:

  • Marketing to millennials
  • Getting your business ready for the entrepreneurial consumer
  • The changing face of retail – retailers are moving into our zone
  • Competing with the sharing economy
  • Breathing life into heritage brands
  • Simplification – making it easy to buy, join or sell with your company
  • Making it okay to be a consumer – and still grow your field

The event will run over two days with a spectacular Gala dinner on the Monday evening to celebrate the 50 Year Anniversary of the association.  DSA are inviting direct selling companies and DSAs from all across the globe to join them for this milestone event.  More information will be coming soon.  For any event enquiries, please contact Paul Seitz – Marketing and Communications Manager paul.seitz@directselling.org.au

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