Jamberry donates to Legacy and Autism Awareness

Earlier this year Jamberry Nails set a fundraising goal of $100,000 for the month of April. Funds were to be donated to Legacy Australia and Autism Awareness, an ongoing charity that Jamberry supports.

We are proud to announce that Jamberry came very close to reaching their goal, raising $78,130 for Legacy Australia and $13,785 for Autism Awareness.


Tony Ralph, Chairman of Legacy Australia receiving the donation of $78,130 from Jamberry Nails.













The amount was raised through a donation of $1 for every wrap sold in the month’s range. Legacy in particular was so appreciative and totally surprised at the huge amount raised. Thank you to all those who supported Jamberry’s efforts.


Legacy is a voluntary organisation providing services to around 80,000 families of veterans who have died or given their health. Today Legacy’s caring and compassionate service assists over 80,000 widows and 1,800 children and dependants with a disability (more)
Our goal is simple: to improve the lives of all Australians on the autism spectrum and the families who love them.

We empower parents and carers with quality information and resources. We provide targeted educational programs to families, professionals and the broader community. We support inclusion for people on the autism spectrum… and we have some fun along the way too. (more)

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