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Global Billion Economic Contribution

Billion Annual Turnover

Million Transactions Per Year

Thousand People Engaged with Members


Age 25-45


Sellers Have Higher Ed Qualifications


Sellers are Women

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There are many reasons people join the direct selling industry. Perhaps you’re one of the half million Australians already involved in the industry or perhaps you’re just looking to see if direct selling might work for you.

For many Australians, direct selling offers the opportunity to earn “just a little extra” income for unforeseen expenses; for some it’s the chance to finally get those big ticket items like family holidays and new cars. Maybe direct selling is a chance to be reinvented in a new full-time career; perhaps it’s just being able to buy your favourite products at a discount.

Whatever the motivation, direct selling offers flexibility and a learning curve like no other.  Far from a “get rich quick” environment, direct selling rewards tenacity and hard work; any suggestion of a fast-track to success is misleading—obviously not everyone who tries direct selling succeeds. However, for many people, the entrepreneurial opportunity and the chance to be their own boss will deliver a value that outweighs and outlasts their original goals.

Direct selling is one of the few industries that is truly open to everyone; there are very few barriers to entry. It’s also a sector without gender based pay differences. Regardless of education, gender, age, race or religion, almost anyone has an opportunity to participate and succeed.

It’s easy to get started and it’s easy to opt out if it’s not right for you. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll find a whole new person inside that you never knew existed.

“Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average person.” 

Jim Rohn

Business Philosopher

“Network Marketing has come of age.  It’s undeniable that it has become a way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.”

Stephen Covey

Author, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People


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Direct Selling Australia Announce New Board of Directors

At the 2018 Direct Selling Australia (DSA) Annual General Meeting, the listed Office Bearers and Directors were elected to the DSA Board. The nine directors, elected bi-annually by Members, are responsible for the Association’s governance.ence – Experience it!

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