Leading Millennials Part 2

The first day of a new role can be daunting. When that new role is your first “real” job in your intended career, well I’m not sure what word could describe that accurately. Everyone gave me well-meaning advice and I thought I would be super nervous but I wasn’t. Let me tell you why.

Eleven months before being offered the role of Marketing Coordinator at Direct Selling Australia, I went on a vacation to Europe with my two sisters and decided that when our travels together ended, I would stay. To be honest, one of my traveling companions lived outside of London but the rest of my family and friends were 16,983 kilometres away on the east coast of Australia.

I had managed culture and language barriers and now I would be navigating beginning a new life in England where at least they spoke English. Necessity is a great motivator and my life in the UK was going well. I had found a place to live, managed to secure two different jobs, and even spent a Christmas away from my family and turned 21. Then in late March this year, along with the rest of the world COVID-19 changed everything. In the space of 24 hours, I lost both jobs, extracted myself from my lease, purchased a ticket home to Australia, and boarded a plane. Again, I was leaving a life and friends and heading into the unknown, or at least partially unknown and not looking forward to two weeks of quarantine.

After all of that, how hard could the first day of a new job be? Well, that depends, I learned on a few things: the role, your new coworkers, the culture of the organisation, and, lastly, how prepared you are to take over the reins. I’m not talking about self-confidence now, though it’s important; I’m speaking about the handover process.

Luckily for me, I spent the first two weeks in the role being taught by my older sister Chelsea. Chelsea was moving on to the next phase of her career and was quite happy to leave her little sister in the hands of the people she had worked with for the past three years. That says a lot. As did the Matsuo Basho quote, that Gill, DSA’s CEO, shared with me on my first day; a quote that arrived in her inbox from thought-leader Keith Abraham on her first day in the role back in 2016. This is a culture that believes in paying it forward.

My first few weeks in the role have been incredibly engaging and I can honestly say that without the encouragement, motivation, and support of Chelsea and the team my first days in this new role could have been very different. Some may say even scary. I know in the coming months I will be challenged and stretched but I also know I will be empowered and considered. Growing and evolving are part of any career move that’s worth taking. Learning where I fit into this organisation and the wider world is all part of life, my life.

I so grateful to be following in my sister’s footsteps; and although, I will not walk in her shoes I will walk beside her in mine. So, for me, the first day of this new role was like trying on an impressive pair of shoes that I know I’ll grow into but somehow already feels familiar.

Article by: Rhiannon Thomson, DSA Marketing Coordinator

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