Murrieta mom uses home based business to raise thousands for charity


Corie Maue of Murrieta wears many hats – from mother of four, to business owner with her husband, Patrick, to reality television personality and regular contestant at Temecula’s Reality Rally, to now home business entrepreneur through Jamberry nail wraps as an independent consultant. Every month, she gives back to charity, all for a promise made at the birth of her oldest son.

“Just after my son was born, I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I said goodbye to him, to my husband,” she said. “I didn’t know what was going to happen, I just knew I wanted more time, to help others. I wanted my family, and that I would never forget that.”

Maue’s life goals changed in an instant. She changed her health habits, her outlook on life, as well as what matters – being able to be with her husband and children. Jamberry, a home distributor based company, is enabling her to do that.

“I’m managing a team of over 70 representatives now,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity for women who want to stay home with their children, but I wanted to do more with the business, and raise money to help others in need.”

Following the fundraising model of Reality Rally’s Gillian Larson (contestant on “Survivor Gabon” and founder of Reality Rally), Maue is using her new giving back to area nonprofits through her latest venture—Jamberry nail wraps.

“Jamberry’s corporate philosophy to be generous to others, by charitable giving, is near to my heart,” Maue said. “I’m able to do what I love, and give back to the local nonprofits who do so much for our area’s children and families.”

Jamberry, according to their website, donates hundreds of thousands per year to charities around the globe, and encourages their representatives to do the same.

Using the popular nail-wrap company as her platform, Maue has fundraised for Reality Rally – raising money for Michelle’s Place Breast Cancer Resource Center, as well as local children’s charities such as Rancho Damacitas, and charities related to caring for disabled and foster children.

Always up for an adventure, Maue appeared with her sister-in-law Andrea Maue, winning their episode of Season Four of “Cupcake Wars.” That led to their future involvement raising money for Michelle’s Place annually at Temecula’s Reality Rally.

“Who knew that 15-minutes of fame would be such an amazing experience,” she said. “That pressure of the competition was so exciting. “I loved being on camera. When Gillian Larson caught wind of our moment on reality television, she reached out to us. Now, Andrea and I participate in Reality Rally every year.”

For Maue, giving back has become her primary motivation.

“When I became a Jamberry representative last year I wanted to focus on the brand’s value to ‘Be Generous,’ and increase my donation,” she said.

For February, Maue has upped the ante and is dedicating 30-percent of her personal sales toward the American Heart Association.

“Just after my son was born, just 72-hours postpartum, I was back in the emergency room,” she said. Seventeen hours later, it was discovered she was suffering congestive heart failure. She was admitted to the respiratory ward where she began to recover.

“I was loaded with pregnancy hormones, and more than a little scared,” she said. Maue recovered quickly, but in a flash her life plans were changed.

“The doctors told me there would be no more pregnancies for us,” she said. A blow, as she had a heart for a big family, as did her husband and business partner, Patrick. “Life changed in an instant, but we put our trust in God to finish building our family.”

Maue and her husband decided that they would work to become foster parents, and ultimately adopt through the foster system.

“We went from being a family of three to six within a matter of weeks,” Maue laughed. “We are having a blast.”

Now mother to three foster children that she and her husband hope to adopt, along with her son, the Maue house is full. She utilizes social media to run her Jamberry business, and often designs unique and custom nail patterns for local charities, such as Michelle’s Place.

“Last year, we put Jamberry nails on all of the contestants who wanted them,” she said. “Participating in the Reality Rally events, being part of our community, all of those things have helped us take our eyes off of ourselves and remember what we have to be grateful for.”

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Author: Ashley Ludwig
Publication: Valley News

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