2017 DSA Industry Award Winners

On Monday 19th June 2017, during our 50th Anniversary Conference Celebratory Dinner, Direct Selling Australia announced the winners of the inaugural DSA Industry Awards. Honoring the best of direct selling, the DSA Industry Awards recognise….

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Unconscious Bias: Are We Holding Ourselves Back?

I recently shared this article from ABC News via Linkedin. As you’ll see, it’s primarily about gender segregation in the Australia job market. My comment was simple, “This is a bit of a worry—well more than a bit.” The crux of the issue is anything….

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The Changing Face of Shopping

I happened to be in Melbourne recently, just as Chadstone Shopping Centre unveiled its new wing.
People reported being unable to exit the freeway as traffic chaos ground cars to a halt. The crowds were stifling and all 10,000…

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Work. What’s It All About?

I love running. A morning run, afternoon or evening, doesn’t matter. I thrive on the burst of mental and physical energy it provides. Sometimes a running buddy and I will set off, and together, solve the problems of the world….

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USANA Raises $2.6 Million for Aid Efforts in 2016

Picture $738,722 worth of children’s multivitamins, and you have just a fragment of what USANA donated in 2016 through its True Health Foundation. The supplements were distributed to aid networks, orphanages…

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