People Power: Direct Selling’s Path to Growth and Change

1512 People Power DS News 2The direct selling channel is in a period of transformation. Innovation is driving growth in many companies, particularly some of the highly entrepreneurial upstarts that began operations in the 21st century. Consumer tastes and shopping preferences are evolving ever more swiftly, propelled by new technology. And there is a growing hunger for and acceptance of flexible, independent opportunities for entrepreneurship. Through it all, the power of personal connection weaves a unifying thread.

As 2015 draws to a close, we thought it fitting to step back and take a wide-angle view of the direct selling channel, where it stands in its transformation process and where it is likely to head in 2016. Direct Selling News’ analysis reveals a community of companies with abundant strengths and opportunities. There are some threats on the horizon, as there always are, and the speed of change continues to increase in areas that have strong impacts. But direct selling has sustained all manner of challenges through the years and has consistently performed as an outstanding channel of distribution for companies representing a wide variety of goods and services.

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Publication: Direct Selling News

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