Periscope: A New Digital Medium for Direct Selling


With its motto “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes” Periscope seems to have something really great to offer the Direct Sales industry.
We all know how powerful videos are in the digital world and in the direct selling industry; take Youtube as an example. But with Periscope you can broadcast your videos live to your audience and interact with them in an interesting and creative way.

What’s interesting is that I found Periscope to be a really effective and handy tool that digital marketers, leaders, and distributors can use immediately to improve their business, reach out to prospects, existing customers and their team better and faster, these and lots more inside this episode.

That being said, I really do hope you will enjoy Periscope as much as I do and hopefully this tool can be a great asset to your business as well.

In this Episode:

[03:57] – Why do you want to know about Periscope?

[05:53] – History of Periscope and what it is exactly?

[09:01] – Different ways brands are using Periscope

[11:27] – Features of Periscope

[17:16] – How would you use Periscope in the direct sales industry?

[19:34] – How would field leaders use Periscope with their organisation?

[22:35] – Downsides of Periscope

[24:31] – What is the Action Step?

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About the Author

Liza Choa is a highly skilled specialist in lead generation, conversion, retention and training. Her seven years as a field leader in the direct sales industry and her ability to quickly master new online technologies is pivotal to her clients’ success.

Liza is the founder and managing director of Content Maximiser, a digital marketing agency specialising in multimedia content creation and online lead generation.

Liza Choa

Digital Marketing Strategist, Content Maximiser

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