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Personal Branding with Ashley Good

Episode Highlights:

  • [0:51] Who is Ash Good
  • [1:40] A short overview of Ash’s business
  • [3:12] How Ash got into the direct selling business
  • [4:23] What would life be if she isn’t in direct selling
  • [5:23] Personal branding according to Ash
  • [6:22] Why personal branding is important
  • [7:38] Ash’s journey in building her personal brand
  • [10:06] What does it mean to be a “product of the product”
  • [13:10] Ash’s recommendations in building your brand
  • [14:17] Top three mistakes people make when building their brand
  • [15:26] How to deal with negativity on your brand
  • [16:17] What social media platforms should you use?
  • [19:15] How should you build your content? Spur of the moment vs planned
  • [21:11] Secret tips in building your tribe and enticing people to follow you
  • [23:55] Ash’s favourite book
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[0:51] Jen: Today, we’re so excited to have Ash Good with us. Ash is from a global network marketing company in the health and wellness category. So welcome to the show, Ash. Today we’re going to be talking about personal branding. Thanks for being with us.

[1:04] Ash: Thanks so much for having me, Jen. I’m so excited to be here.

[1:07] Jen: So can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What’s your background?

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[1:10] Ash: I’m actually a qualified osteopath and also a health coach. I grew up in Victoria and I now live on the beautiful sunshine coast, which is stunning. I love traveling, love the beach and I’ve been in the industry as an osteo for seven years and recently finished up to pursue this business with health and wellness and network marketing full time. So, it’s an exciting time.

[1:40] Jen: I bet. Can you give us a short overview of your business?

[1:45] Ash: Sure! It is, as I said, health and wellness and we really, I guess work with people to help them feel amazing in their skin, achieve a body they love, feel energetic, and I always say, we help people feel the way that they’re designed to feel. And following that, I guess we work together to help them live a life that’s not only on purpose but really lights them up and excites them every day. So, that’s what we’re really about. It’s super rewarding.

[2:10] Jen: Can you share a little bit with me about your team and your business as well? What does that look like?

[2:18] Ash: I’ve got a variety of people. It’s probably one thing I love about this that anyone and everyone can do it. And people of all background. So previous professional athlete, moms, people who just wanted something more, people who want a change in their health, a change in their lifestyle, male, female, young, it tend to attract probably a few more females in that younger under 40 category, but then I also have the healthy aging category. It’s funny though – I guess it’s a reflection of this business that anyone and everyone can do it and we attract a whole range of people.

[2:58] Jen: So, do you have a large team?

[3:00] Ash: Yes, yes. I’ve got almost four thousand people under me, which is really cool and exciting.

[3:04] Jen: Wow! That is so impressive. In such a short time.

[3:11] Ash: Yes, it’s fun.

[3:12] Jen: Can I ask, being an osteopath, what made you get involved in direct selling? Why did you switch and choose this?

[3:20] Ash: It was accidental. I actually fell into direct selling through – I started with this company purely for the products and I wasn’t interested in the business at all. I came into it, I guess from a health perspective. I was on my own health journey and started using these products and fell in love with them and from there started organically sharing it with a few people, a few family, friends, a few clients, then I sort of started to see some income coming in and that’s really caught my attention and looked into it a bit further and soon caught the concept and the vision of where I could take this in and how I could turn it into a business. So it’s been a really amazing journey and I’m so grateful that I accidentally fell into it.

[4:07] Jen: It’s really the classic story, isn’t it? In this industry, people come in and they’re in love with the product, they’re passionate about the product. They start sharing it and then all of a sudden they say, “Hey, this is actually a great business.”

[4:18] Ash: Yes. And such an important part of it because the products, they are the core of the business.

[4:23] Jen: So if you weren’t in direct selling, what do you think you would be doing and what would your life look like? What kind of person would you be?

[4:31] Ash: Well, I’ve probably be still working in clinic, that’s for sure. Still working as an osteo. I wouldn’t be full time, because I’ll be health coaching as well. Which is I had started an online business previous to starting with direct selling but I’d be working in clinic as an osteo most of the time. Still helping others which is really what I’m passionate but absolutely not living my ideal life and not reaching a potential and having the opportunities that direct selling has given me and continues to give me. And I guess from a personal point of view as well, I certainly wouldn’t be the person that I am today. As you know, the big personal development component to this business and to this industry, it’s something. It’s one of my favourite parts of it and something that I thoroughly have enjoyed and have grown so much since starting in this industry and I’m so grateful for the person that I’m becoming through being here.

[5:23] Jen: I’m with you on that. That’s probably one of my favourite parts about this industry too. The very impact that we have on individuals. So, look I know you’re excited to talk with us today about Personal Branding. Can you tell me why this particular topic stood out for you and what personal branding means to you?

[5:40] Ash: Yes, I think it’s a really important topic and to me, I say personal branding is an opportunity to really illuminate and show who you are and what you do. I feel like it’s an important part of this business because as we go into business in direct selling, we become the face of what we are promoting, sharing or selling. So it’s really important to ensure that our branding and the way that we’re showing up is in alignment with what we do and who we are. And that’s going to determine a lot about your who and what we’re attracting to our business and the direction of our business.

[6:18] Jen: So, how important do you think Personal Branding is for this particular business?

[6:22] Ash: It’s one of the most important parts. As I said, it will determine a lot about what comes into your business, who comes into your business and how you’re representing the company and the products and your values.

[6:34] Jen: Can you explain the difference to us between say, product marketing or personal marketing or personal branding?

[6:43] Sure. Product – I suppose is more about you talking about the product and the benefits of the product. With personal branding, personal marketing is more about your vision, your values, what you stand for. Like they say, people will buy from you when they know they can trust you and your personal branding, I guess is an opportunity to show who and what you’re about so people can know you, they can like you, they can trust you and then they really wanted to join your business.

[7:13] Jen: So what happens when you don’t have personal branding done right or it’s not really existing at all?

[7:19] Ash: There can be, I guess, an incongruency in the message that you’re sharing, possibly. And also, people don’t get to see who you really are and what you’re about. Potentially also, limiting the people who are drawn to you and potential business.

[7:38] Jen: So how did you establish your personal brand at the beginning of this journey?

[7:43] Ash: I was actually already always about health and wellness and I actually already had a blog previous to starting in direct selling so I had a little bit of a bait. It definitely was tiny compared to what it is now and I guess, I aligned with our company, our products, and our values straight away which was a great start. And from there, I started to build on social media. And one thing that I always ensure and continue to ensure that I was always and am always a product to the product and a great representation of the benefits of our program. I think that’s a super important part of anyone trying to perfect and trying to do personal branding well is be a product to the product and be – embody the values that you’re talking about.

In building that, my intention of being product to the product and embodying all those values is, I wanted when people think health and wellness, people think losing weight, people think wanting more energy, wanting help with stress, fitness or overall just feeling better, they think of me. That’s the way that the intention and in that I’ve shown and I continue to show enough of me in a real way, real authentic way. And what I stand for that people do trust me and people do want to be a part of that. But it’s absolutely a process and it takes time, but it’s so worth it.

[9:03] Jen: I mean, before you started, you said that the vision and the values, your own values really aligned with the company and you’ve just continued to build on that and it’s been probably quite easy for you in that sense, you’re already aligned with everything that they do and everything that they stand for and probably a product of the product very quickly. So I wonder, was it a conscious intentional decision to establish a personal brand or was it something that just could have happened naturally for you along the way?

[9:32] Ash: Yeah, probably at the start it was absolutely unintentional, but at once I started to understand the power of branding and my business started to evolve and people were starting to come to me, I saw the power of it. And then from there it became a lot more consistent and it really developed and grew from there.

[9:53] Jen: So you really just harnessed what you’re already doing.

[9:58] Ash: Yes.

[9:59] Jen: So can you share with us some of the intentional steps that you’ve taken then to build your personal brand?

[10:06] Ash: Sure. Probably being a product to the product is number one. Embody the values of the company and the message that you want to share. Really be a reflection of that. Always be positive. People will always be going to be drawn to positivity. Be you, I think is a big one. Don’t try and be anyone else. Have fun. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because at the end of the day, I think we can all get in our own way so much but at the end of the day, people need what we have so put trust in that and trust in the fact that by putting yourself out there with the right intention is being of great service. And that’s where it all comes down to.

[10:46] Jen: So for those people that don’t understand what you say when you say product of the product, maybe you can explain that a little bit.

[10:52] Ash: Yes, sure. So what are the benefits of your products? So ours is health and wellness, so for me being a picture of health.

[11:01] Jen: See, I know what you look like and I’m just trying to make sure our audience understand when you say you’re a product to the product. I believe because I can see it. So just share with us a little bit more about that.

[11:13] Ash: Yes, so being a picture of it. To me, health and wellness is being energetic. When I show up on my branding, it’s all about doing things that serve me, thinking thoughts that serve me, making healthy choices, doing things that involve fitness and getting out there and inspiring people to take control of their health in a positive way. So for me, it’s all about health and wellness and just being a picture of that. So when I want people to see me and go, “Oh, what does she do? What do you do?” And you want people to ask. And that will naturally draw people to you as well because like, I want to know what she’s having or What do you do.

[11:53] Jen: Yes, I felt that when I was scanning through your photos before the interview. So, it’s working. And what about being positive? You said that some of the things you talked about was being positive and – how do you, I mean, we all have those days, we all have those bad moments in our lives, those hard times, how do you remain positive during those times or how do you manage that?

[12:14] Ash: Yes, sure. I’m a big inspiration junkie. I love quotes and that sort of things. I’m always posting positive quotes and sayings with the intention to inspire people and to make people happy, part of my branding. Of course, we’re all human, we all have days, we all have moments. I try not to post if I’m feeling flat, but I also like to share bits and pieces of when I am maybe having a moment because it does show that I’m human and I’m real. But to stay positive, I think and this is another favourite part of direct selling is, the community. I’m immersing myself in the community. I’m immersing myself in events. Immersing myself in personal development, all of that has played a huge role in making my life a lot more positive and giving me the tools to stay positive in times where life might not feel so great.

[13:10] Jen: So if somebody wanted to establish their personal brand either coming into this business or already established, what are the steps you would recommend to them?

[13:19] Ash: Start off with knowing, getting clear on your values, getting clear on what you stand for and then brand and muold everything around that. What is the message you want to share? What are the type of people that you want to draw into your business? Where do you want that to go? So that, getting clear on that from the beginning and then moulding in and around that and always having that intention to be of service and how can I serve, how can I inspire, how can I help people feel better or whatever your product is, moulding your vision around that.

[13:57] Jen: I guess it goes back at what you said earlier, people want to work and be around people that they know, like, and trust. And being clear on your own values and being true to yourself that authenticity is really going to shine through. So that would go straight back to being able to connect with people.

[14:16] Ash: Absolutely.

[14:17] Jen: So what are the top three mistakes you see people make when establishing their personal brand or not?

[14:24] Ash: Sure. Incongruency is probably one of the top ones which, saying one thing and being or doing the other or the opposite. So especially when you’re in health and wellness, preaching health, preaching you should do this, and then going out and doing the opposite and not following that. So incongruence is definitely a big one.

Branding with the intention to sell rather than to serve. I think people see right through that and it turns a lot of people off, but when you’re coming from that place of service every time there will be a much different energy around your posting and your branding. So, always come from a place of service and wherever you are going if it is social media or whenever you’re going to an event, when you are putting something out there, just ask yourself, “Okay, is my intention to serve here?” That will always make a big difference and I think a lot of the times as well, people trying to be someone else. So brand as a person that you are. That’s always going to be the most attractive thing.

[15:26] Jen: Okay, so have you ever experienced any negativity and how would you handle that around your own brand?

[15:33] Ash: I think anyone who puts themselves out there is going to be exposed to negativity somewhere along the way. I came to handle it by reminding myself of my values. I know my intention is to be of service and to help others and to really make a difference, a contribution is a big one for me. So I always remind myself of my truth and what I’m trying to achieve and understanding negativity. It’s often just a reflection of other people’s own happiness and I try not to let it affect me too much which I’ve become quite good at not letting it impact me so. But yes, of course we all go through it and especially at the beginning when you’re putting yourself out there. It can be incredibly daunting.

[16:17] Jen: Great advice. So, with so many social media platforms out there, how do you decide which one to focus on and do you focus on just one or two or are you on them all?

[16:28] Ash: I’d like to be on them all but I think it will take up too much time. Facebook’s the biggest one for me, Facebook and Instagram. And I do get business through both of them. They’re great business tools. I was on Snapchat for a little while but now I’m using Instagram Live because I’m already in Instagram so I just use the Instagram videos. So Facebook and Instagram are my two main ones. YouTube, I would like to transition on too. I think there’s a lot of power in videos and it tends to be trending and moving that way. I intend on and planning on transitioning into using a lot more of YouTube and videos, but at this stage, at the moment, I’m purely focusing on Facebook and Instagram.

[17:17] Jen: I can imagine then that you’re not integrating the platforms so that when you’re posting on one, does it automatically go on the other or you cross that?

[17:26] Ash: Yes, I don’t actually. I know a lot of people that do and I absolutely see the power in it but I tend to have a very different branding on my Instagram. It is the same on my Instagram and Facebook, but my Instagram, I feel like I can post a few more pictures and quotes and things that look nice and Facebook is a bit more – I still post those things on Facebook but separately.

[17:48] Jen: Yes, it’s a bit more conversational there as well.

[17:50] Ash: Yes, and not all of them, like I post more on Instagram than I could on Facebook but different. I could do five posts on Facebook but you’re right, there’ll be conversational one or a share or something like that, or just pictures.

[18:05] Jen: So are you actually creating content? There’s obviously lots of different ways, you can create images and videos and blogs and podcasts, do you actually create content outside of photos and things or?

[18:18] Ash: I was, through blogs but I’m actually rebranding at the moment as we speak, so I’m not blogging at the moment. I felt, I found blogging to be quite powerful as well but my intention, my purpose has changed since I started my blog. When I first started my blog, four or five years ago, the intention was to inspire healthy living and talk about superfoods and all that sort of stuff whereas now, about living on purpose and this is such a perfect interview because it – really my intention as well is to shine beautiful light on direct selling because it’s such an amazing industry. So I’m rebranding at the moment but once I have the new website up and running, there would definitely be more blogs, there will be more videos. I’d love to get into the podcast so, yes, it’s a transition, but at this stage its just Facebook posts and I do create content through there but not along blog posts or…

[19:15] Jen: And is it like are you planning content or is it just spur of the moment type of thing?

[19:19] Ash: I plan some things but most of it is how I’m feeling. Most of it I post as I feel something or as a thought comes to me. I know sometimes that might not be the most time efficient but that’s just the way that I work.

[19:38] Jen: That’s going back to being authentic again, you know, you’re in that moment, you’ve got something to say, something to share, how more authentic can you be?

[19:46] Ash: Yes.

[19:46] Jen: So, I suppose you always have to be careful with what you put out online. Once it’s out there, it’s out there and there’s a ton of liability that comes to that too. So when creating a personal brand, one of the ingredients is to have an opinion and stand on something. When you stand for something it’s possible to have other people who oppose your view. You know, on social media, people can be pretty public about their view, so how do you handle that?

[20:09] Ash: I’m never too controversial because I am aware that if I’m very opinionated about a controversial topic then I immediately going to lose a whole market for the people that are against my opinion. So I don’t post anything that judges anyone or that’s too controversial. I still am powerful in our stand in to what I’m posting about like I’m strong about the message but I will always often address to that this is not for everyone or this is my view but I understand and appreciate that other things work for other people.

[20:50] Jen: And does it surprise you when you see others that can be really public with controversial views?

[20:57] Ash: Yes, it does.

[20:59] Jen: It does the same thing for me. I often wonder I got oh, you put that out there? It’s never going back.

[21:05] Ash: Yes. It is, as you said, once it’s out there, it’s out there. So you do have to be careful.

[21:11] Jen: So, how do you build your tribe and get people follow you because you’re obviously doing that really well. You’ve got a large team and amazing, incredible personal brand and I think people will be drawn to somebody like you, so how do you do that?

[21:26] Ash: Thank you. I like to keep it positive all the time and keep it fun and keep it live so people want to see it. I think collaborating with others as well is another really great way to have a wider reach. So always trying to do things, partnering up with other people because as soon as you post something with them or in collaboration, you automatically reach their audience as well. And also, I think just showing up in a way that people are inspired and they not only want to follow you but they look forward to your posts because they make them feel good.

[22:03] Jen: Can you share a story of someone in your team who has successfully created a personal brand just like you and what were their challenges before that? And now that they have this great personal brand, how has this help them in their business?

[22:18] Ash: I have a guy in my team and he was really branding himself before he started his journey but through his – and documenting his journey, he created an amazing brand. He had this incredible health transformation and he documented the whole thing from starting up and started showing up consistently on social media and really open people’s eyes up to what was possible after following his journey. So he went from being stressed, overweight, unmotivated to this happy, healthy, energised and inspiring guy and people wanted in. So people are naturally drawn to what he was doing so he created that through just sharing his journey, I suppose. And then starting to – he was the same once he started with unintentionally and then sort of got it and went, “Oh, hang on, I can make this really work for me.’ And then started showing up more consistently and using a variety of posts that were going to inspire that were positive, and really created successful business and successful personal branding so that was really cool to watch.

[23:30] Jen: Wow, what an incredible story. It’s very inspiring.

[23:33] Ash: Yes, it was. It is.

[23:35] Jen: So just a few quick questions before we finish off our interview today, Ash. Your favorite song.

[23:42] Ash: Oh, it’s really hard. Anything Coldplay. I love Coldplay.

[23:45] Jen: Okay, you can’t live without?

[23:47] Ash: My daily superfoods smoothie.

[23:48] Jen: Ooh, you’ll have to share with me all about that after. You’re inspired by?

[23:54] Ash: The people around me.

[23:55] Jen: Your favourite book.

[23:56] Ash: Ooh, I love Light is the New Black.

[23:59] Jen: Tell us about that a little.

[24:01] Ash: It’s all about earning the life that you are, seeing the light that you are, and shining out when others and stepping into the greatness that you are.

[24:12] Jen: Your greatest mentor.

[24:14] Ash: It’s probably the beautiful lady Anna who brought me into this business.

[24:19] Jen: Tell me a little bit about Anna.

[24:21] Ash: She is – I shared actually on stage last week about her and how I came into this business through being near drawn to her and her energy. I think she’s a beautiful reflection of this industry and she’s the epitome of authenticity and consistently shows up from a place of service and wanting to help others. And that certainly drew me in and it’s been, I feel very blessed to have been able to follow in her footsteps through and her level of integrity and what we get to achieve. So she’s been a constant, consistent inspiration and mentor to me and has always pour more belief into me than anyone else and I’m just so grateful.

[25:01] Jen: Anna sounds like she’s a bit of a powerhouse.

[25:03] Ash: She is.

[25:05] Jen: So, tell me, just the final question, what are you excited about?

[25:08] Ash: I’m excited about the future of direct selling.

[25:11] Jen: Tell me why.

[25:12] Ash: Because it’s really picking up more and more people are starting to see how incredible this industry is. More and more people are starting to see what’s possible and I love sharing that anyone and everyone can do this.

[25:27] Jen: Thank you so much for sharing your insights with us today, Ash. You know, I think we can all learn so much about you and your brand and how that’s been successful for you and others in your business. So thank you for taking the time today.

[25:40] Ash: Thank you so much for having me. It’s been a real pleasure.

[25:43] Jen: Thank you.

[25:44] Ash: Thanks, Jen.

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