PM-International and Flaschengeist Official Direct Selling Australia Members

Direct Selling Australia (DSA) is proud to announce, at the July board meeting, two new Members, PM-International and Flaschengeist, were approved by the Board of Directors and accepted into the Association.

PM-International is one of Europe’s largest direct marketing companies in the areas of health, wellness and beauty. Flaschengeist is an Australian owned, family-run, party-plan business that offers gourmet food and beverage products.

“DSA is pleased to welcome PM-International and Flaschengeist to the Association,” said Gillian Stapleton, Executive Director of Direct Selling Australia.

“Members must adhere to our Code of Practice and commit to the highest professional and ethical standards. We know PM-International and Flaschengeist are as proud to belong to DSA as we are to welcome them. They can now wear their membership with DSA as a badge of honour in Australia”, shared Gillian.

To be accepted by the Association, applicants undertake an extensive vetting process from both a legal and compliance perspective in order to qualify for membership. There are 576,400 people engaged with Direct Selling Australia members, generating over $1.38 billion in annual sales.

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