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A Better Chance is the exclusive Australian distributor for the child development products produced by Educational Technologies Limited which can be seen on the website.

Developed by world famous Time Life Books, publishers of Time and Life Magazines, these products meet the most important need in learning today – early childhood education.

50% of a child’s learning ability is formed by their 4th birthday, 80% by the time they are 8. Like a strong building needs good foundations, what happens in the first few years of life is crucial to a child’s future success.

Our Total Development Program uses insights from the latest educational research to provide products which have been pre-tested in kindergartens, pre and primary schools to establish this foundation.

Using toys, puppets, audio and visual materials, books and vetted web-links this is one of the most comprehensive range of products ever designed to stimulate children’s intelligence from birth, instill a love of language and reading, and jump-start their education by preparing them for school and complementing what they do in the primary classroom.

They literally ensure children have a head start in their education and fulfill our mission of

“Helping children be the best they can Be”.

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