Bing Han International Australia


23 Milton Parade

Founded in Taiwan in 1991, Bing Han is an international direct-selling business specialising in a single premium superfood known for its abundant nutrients, Panax Ginseng.

We have multiple offices across Asia and North America in addition to the establishment of our Australian office in 2015. To facilitate our continuing growth, sustainability has become a key priority as we work towards a greener future by minimising waste and pollution. In extending our theme of sustainability to personal health, Hydration135 was created as a program to promote the substitution of daily coffees and other beverages with Ginseng Tea and water.

In addition, our generous and fair compensation plan attracts individual distributors across the globe to start their own business with the assurances that their distributorship can be passed on should they reach the highest level of membership, allowing their legacy to continue.

We welcome all to be healthy, be sustainable, and be part of the Bing Han family!

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