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Box Divvy was set up in 2017 in collaboration with the Western Sydney Diabetes Alliance and NSW Health in an effort to improve access and affordability of quality fresh produce. We launched in early 2019, and Box Divvy has grown into network of 165 food co-ops (Hubs) that buy fresh produce as a group. A Hub is coordinated by a Hubster who is responsible for member recruitment, communication, administration and packing. Anyone with a covered space (garage, carport, etc.) and a minimum of 4 hours a week can apply to start a Hub.

Members buy through an App that works like a box-sharing platform: you can nominate or join a Box Split by submitting how many apples or potatoes you’d like to take, with the rest of the hub members putting in their numbers until the minimum is reached and the box is sold. At the end of the 3-day order cycle, all sold boxes are submitted as an order, members’ cards are charged, the order is packed and delivered to the Hubster for final packing. The Hubster applies a mark-up (up to 12%) to the order value to generate an income. The average weekly income is $250

Because orders are placed and delivered in bulk, Box Divvy is typically 30-40% cheaper than the major supermarkets. Produce is fresher because of the short supply chain, and more than half is sourced directly from growers in and around the Sydney basin. Packaging is minimal, and the overall carbon footprint is a fraction of that of the major supermarkets.

Importantly, Box Divvy creates local food communities that want to take control of their food supply away from the supermarket duopoly.

We change the world, one box at a time.

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