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The word Flaschengeist translated from Germany means “Spirit in the Glass”, it is a wholly owned Australian and Family operation. The company has positioned themselves in the Party Plan segment and is a vertically integrated Producer and Marketer of Cocktails, Sparkling Wines, Olive Oils, Vinegars, Gourmet foods including Dukkha, Seasonings, Herb-Spices and Gifts. The Flaschengeist range has over 3500 items which are only available through its Direct Selling Operation and not sold through to the mass market. The major point of difference of the products sold by the company is that we offer Innovative Alcoholic and Gourmet products in a large range of fancy glass bottles which are owned by the company. As part of the customer experience, Flaschengeist is the only organisation that offers customers, their choice of selecting the bottle and fill of their choice. Glass bottles range from 100 ml through to 1 liter capacity.

We welcome Consultants and Managers who are passionate Foodies to start their selling business with the company which has just recently launched in New Zealand.

It’s time to ‘Experience it’

Direct Selling Australia is pleased to announce, tickets are now on sale for the 2018 ‘Experience it’ Conference! “Experience it” And what is “it” exactly? Well, it’s everything… Today’s customer is more demanding, less patient, highly informed, and communicating with you on a variety of platforms. Every moment spent engaged with your brand is part of your customers’ experience.

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