Hyperwallet Systems Inc

+61 1800 952 928


Level 13
5 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000
Hyperwallet enables direct selling organisations to send commissions and receive payments in over 175 countries in multiple currencies and languages using local banks, Western Union, and prepaid cards via the web and mobile devices for ultimate flexibility and reduced costs. HYPERWALLET addresses the challenges of local and international payment distribution. We are a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to checks and wire transfers by enabling organisations to send multi-currency payments to distributors with less staff and effort in a fraction of the time and cost. Distributors can then quickly and easily access their funds via a branded payment portal website and mobile phone applications (SMS/WAP/iPhone App, Android), enabling them to manage balances and sweep funds to their local bank account, branded prepaid cards or worldwide cash pickup locations in local currency. Alternately they can use the funds to buy more products and services from you at a fraction of the cost of credit card fees.


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