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LeRêve is a family operated business that puts people first in everything we do. Our Company creed for 30 years and counting is ‘People First Always’ and our biggest celebration is reflected in the successes and lifestyles of the beautiful people who belong to our cause. That cause is more than just sharing the world’s best Fragrance, Aromatherapy and Skincare products within our communities; it’s about inviting others to join and supporting them to grow with us and achieve their dreams.

We believe our products are of the finest quality and unsurpassed value you can find anywhere in the world. Our Parfums are formulated using the very best ingredients and produced at a more concentrated level than any of the highly-advertised designer brands. Our Fragranced Candles and Reed Diffusers are also developed using superior natural, non-toxic ingredients and are formulated for strong, healthy scent.

As market leaders in Aromatherapy for many years, we know our Essential Oils are the purest, with a core range of Single Oils sourced from their country of origin and skilfully developed Oil Bends that are certified for therapeutic use. Our new Bio-Scientific Skincare range has set a new benchmark for 100% natural and plant-derived Skincare that delivers fast, powerful results. All our products are ‘Choose-Cruelty-Free’ and carry a money-back guarantee.  

LeRêve is proud to support three wonderful Charities – World Vision, Breast Cancer Network Australia and Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition in New Zealand.

Our Creed ‘People First. Always.’

Our Values Principles Family Earth Innovation Growth Fun

Our Vision We provide supreme health and beauty products that enrich people. We provide exceptional income and lifestyle opportunities that empower people.

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