New Image International

+649 622 2388


New Image House
19 Mahunga Drive
(PO Box 58-460, Botany Manukau 2163, NEW ZEALAND)

Founded in 1984, New Image International is one of the pioneers of health products and direct selling in the Asia Pacific region.

Our Founding Chairman, Graeme Clegg, pioneered the health-giving benefits of colostrum, the linchpin ingredient for many of our products. He is an internationally regarded expert on its properties.

Based in New Zealand, New Image International reaches customers through a large and rapidly growing group of independent Representatives in New Zealand and Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
New Image has broadened its offering in recent years, with new product lines based on our latest research with advanced optimal-aging products and skincare formulations.

These days, few fast-growing companies last for more than five years and only a handful are still growing 30+ years later. New Image’s enduring success is based on four key ingredients: great products, effective systems, incredible people and an entrepreneurial spirit.


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