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Saladmaster is in the business of making life better. For decades, we’ve offered the world premium cookware that inspires better cooking, healthier living and all kinds of delicious opportunities. If you have a passion for perfectly cooked cauliflower and a kitchen that’s typically crowded with family and friends, we can stir up more of what you love.

We Change Life.

It’s definitely a bold statement. But once you understand what we’re all about – you’ll get it. Saladmaster inspires change by empowering people to pursue an extraordinary life. World-renowned products, imaginative ideas and a culture of enthusiasm and support are the ingredients that make it happen. We offer what you need to improve the way you cook, the way you connect with old and new friends, even the course of your career. Saladmaster really does transform life. And we’d love to be part of yours.

We’re about much more than just salad – which is why people often ask about the Saladmaster name. Knowing a little history helps. It not only explains our name, but also the vision that propelled us to where we are today. Mr. Harry Lemmons is the man who started it all. Decades ago, Mr. Lemmons had a solution for providing busy families with an easier, healthier way to cook delicious meals. It was called “The Saladmaster,” and it offered time-saving techniques for slicing fresh fruits and vegetables, and for preparing more nutritious meals. The Saladmaster, of course, became internationally known and the namesake for a business that continues to transform the way the world cooks.

The Saladmaster cooking system has helped generations of families make mealtime more memorable all across the globe. Our full-line of premium cookware includes exclusive features that offer healthier ways to cook better-tasting food much faster.

Saladmaster cookware is made in the U.S.A. using carefully selected American and Swiss stainless steel. And it’s backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so you can enjoy your cookware for decades.


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