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SmartFreight is the easy way for any company to manage their shipping needs. Whether you’re a start-up or multinational carrying out drop-shipping or warehouse dispatching, we make it easy to find the right shipping method. Our smart platform puts hundreds of possible transport providers and routes at your fingertips. It offers total control, flexibility, and access to the information you need, every step of the way.

We started developing, designing, and marketing fulfilment solutions in Sydney back in 1997. We now have every state and territory in Australia covered, along with New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland. And, we are building our presence in the UK; we opened an office in Manchester early 2018.

SmartFreight delivers cost savings through shipment optimisation. Our system can be configured to choose the best price, fastest service, and greenest routes. It then generates an accurate cost estimation. Our system also provides detailed reports, live tracking, and invoice reconciliation. Our solution provides better customer visibility for shipments with an automatic ASN (advanced shipping notice) email sent to customers advising impending delivery by carrier connote number. SmartFreight provided Pandora with a single system that is compliant with all major transport providers. This allows the company to keep their transport partners that provide good service, while moving away from poorly performing providers. SmartFreight can facilitate this without needing to re-train staff on a new transport provider interfaces.

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