Right here, right now

Right Here, Right Now

2020 started for me on NYE when my property was threatened by bush fire. Right Here, Right Now was our vision for DSA 2020. And was front and centre for me from that moment in time and continues to be relevant every day of this incredible year.  Who knew?!

As a result of the being involved in the bush fire crisis, I was privileged to meet Shane Fitzsimmons, the then, NSW RFS Commissioner. It was at an ACCI event when he shared his leadership principles that are even more relevant now, in the throes of this pandemic. They have been my guiding principles through the recent months.

  • Back yourself
  • Back your team
  • Be present
  • Be authentic
  • Practice humility
  • Make decisions
  • Care (about people)
  • Mind your manners

The community of direct selling encourages everyone to back themselves and works on the principle of back your team, knowing that we are stronger together. The supportive community works for the betterment of all entrepreneurs and understands that authenticity is a key component to success. 

When I started my direct selling business, I was a college lecturer with two children. Having completed my degree several years prior, I had no idea how to run a home-based business. It was important for me to practice humility and learn from those who could teach me how to grow a successful business and it still is today. Intuitively, I was following Shane’s principles by copying my mentors and growing every day. This personal growth is a hallmark of direct selling and our continued success.

As leaders and business owners we are required to make decisions based on what we know today, knowing that tomorrow may be different; but in order to move forward, you just have to make the best decision you can now, knowing it might change. Shane’s principles gave me a road map with which to navigate and determine the 2020 path that is aligned with the strategic direction and culture of DSA. Fires, pandemics or any other bump in the road may cause a deviation but they will not alter your approach and ultimately your destination.

Article by: Gillian Stapleton, CEO

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