She’s Sold on Independence

A career in direct selling proves life-changing

As a young mother living in her native Canada in the 1970’s, Sandy Cantin was invited to a presentation for the direct selling company Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Little did she know, but the company’s founder and one of the US’s greatest female entrepreneurs Mary Kay Ash, was also in attendance at the same presentation and it set off a chain of events which led to a career in direct selling.

“I started off as a nurse and being a child of the 50’s, there were three things you could be – a teacher, nurse or a secretary,” Cantin says.

“When my daughter was eight months old, I went along to a presentation and Mary Kay herself was there. When I heard that you could get paid what you were worth, get promoted when you were ready…I thought OK, sign  me up!”

Cantin became a successful Mary Kay independent associate and after about 18 months was recruited by the corporate team. Over the next three decades, Cantin worked for Mary Kay three times.

She moved to Australia with her husband Denis six years ago to work with a company called Mannatech, and ended up moving to health and wellness company Isagenix, heading up its sales team and contributing to its growth to become Australia’s top direct selling company.

“We experienced amazing growth and I had a front-row seat to watch people (the independent Isagenix associates) change their bodies, their lives and their bank accounts,” Cantin says.

She says turning 60 was the nudge she needed to take the leap from the corporate world to her own business as an independent Isagenix associate.

“People really need to look at the options and be open,” Cantin says. “It’s funny when you think about it, I started off feeling like I only had three choices and no there’s so many.”

Sandy Cantin Isagenix Wenworth Courier Article

Article originally posted in the ‘Wentworth Courier

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