Social Selling for Social Change

Lily Anne

Lily Anne Designs is a social selling company committed to social change. In fact, they measure their success not just on the number of their consultants, hostesses and customers, but also the social impact they’re creating around the globe.

When consultants partner with Lily Anne Designs {which is even aptly named so because Lily Anne means Pure Blessing} to empower their own lives, the company donates a portion of a micro loan to women in small business in developing countries around the world.

Instead of a hand out, these micro loans give women a hand up in their businesses to better support their circumstances and give them a chance to end the poverty cycle.

Impressive results come from these loans. Often it takes just $30 a month for women living under the poverty line to remove themselves and their immediate dependents out of extreme poverty.

“We truly believe we are changing the world: one woman at a time here at Lily Anne Designs” says Melissa Haupt, founder and CEO. “This industry is built on empowering women in their own financial circumstances. We are just taking it a step further and expanding our reach. It really is a satisfying feeling to know that women whom we will never meet are changing their lives with these micro loans.”

Lily Anne Designs will be launching new social enterprise initiatives at their annual conference in June on the Gold Coast this year and are excited about involving their hostesses and customers in their giving. “We want to be to the party plan space, what Toms shoes is to the retail space.”

Since the company’s inception of their social selling for social change initiatives just over a year ago, they have granted more than 350 micro loans to women across the globe. A great start to what is a great initiative. NAUM

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