Special needs children at ‘The Ponds’ gaining more skills

STUDENTS attending The Ponds School for special needs will be able to use new massaging devices and a specially built toy train and bulldozer to improve their skills.

The devices and large toys were handed over to the school by Niagara Therapy at a recent school assembly.The school, which opened last year after being temporarily relocated to the grounds of Riverstone High School, has expanded from just four kindergarten classes to 19, accommodating more than 110 children.Students are exposed to the same syllabus and curriculum as all students in NSW.
“We are excited that The Ponds School been chosen to become a Niagara Fairyland Centre,” principal Leonie Donaldson said.“Fairyland centres offer children a place where they can both receive therapy and have fun.”“The Ponds School was delighted to have been approached by Niagara Therapy representative Keith Meiforth at the end of 2015 with the proposition of opening a fairyland centre at our school.
”The entire school staff and parents are excited that The Ponds School been chosen to become a Niagara Fairyland Centre.“Niagara Therapy Fairyland centres, assist children with physical and other disabilities. The Ponds School now have 114 students. Fairyland Centres offer children a place where they can both receive therapy and have fun.“The Fairyland Centres place an emphasis on entertaining children through the use of internally developed therapeutic toys — such as the “big red chair”, a bulldozer and a train.
”The Ponds School has purchased a bike shed, a 21-seater bus and various resources for student learning through the fundraising that has taken place over the past year.“Making it Happen — for children with Disabilities, the charity that raises money for The Ponds School was able to get a shade sail donated.
Niagara Therapy is an international group of independent companies manufacturing, distributing and promoting various forms of cycloid vibration therapy (CVT) devices.
“Since 1954 Niagara Therapy has been helping disadvantaged children to enjoy a better quality of life,’” a Niagara Therapy spokesman said.“This beginning originated in the USA under the guidance of a Dr. Ed Connor (paediatrician) and the founder of Niagara Therapy, K. Murphy.”“Making it Happen has provided special activities for students and families … and continue to raise money for fixed playground equipment, shade sails for the playground and much needed resources specific to students with disabilities.”Niagara Therapy products are based upon CVT technology, using heat and massage therapy. Niagara’s range of medical device products includes medical therapy adjustable beds, therapy reclining chairs and portable therapeutic health devices.

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Author: Lawrence Machado
Publication: Rouse Hill Times

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