In 2016, it was estimated that 107 million people around the world were involved in direct selling, creating annual retail sales of USD $183 billion. The Asia Pacific region represents the largest market, accounting for 46% of all global sales.


Statistics compiled in Australia in 2016 suggest:

  • DSA member companies achieved $1.6 billion (AUD) in annual sales
  • Approximately 641,000 independent salespeople were engaged with members
  • Women account for 74% of the direct selling salesforce
  • Complementary healthcare products account for 33% of DSA members’ sales
  • Cosmetics and personal care products account for 22% of DSA members’ sales
  • Household goods account for 27% of DSA members’ sales
  • Direct Selling in Australia has experienced steady growth in retail sales over the past 4 years.
Australian Statistics

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