The Secrets to Building a Team FAST

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Episode Highlights:

[0:46] Get to know Nikki Morris

[2:35] Why Nikki is passionate about teamwork

[4:32] The secret to building a team – FAST

[8:22] How to create team synergy

[9:01] Tips for building a successful team

[13:29] Team retention strategies

[14:02] Training strategy

[15:59] Book and resource recommendations

[16:49] The benefits of direct selling lifestyle


[0:35] Jen: Today we’re excited to have Nikki with us. An incredible and successful leader from a fast growing party playing company. Welcome, Nikki.

[0:43] Nikki: Hi, Jennifer. Thank you so much for having me.

[0:46] Jen: That’s okay, welcome. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What’s your background?


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[0:35] Jen: Today we’re excited to have Nikki with us. An incredible and successful leader from a fast growing party playing company. Welcome, Nikki.

[0:43] Nikki: Hi, Jennifer. Thank you so much for having me.

[0:46] Jen: That’s okay, welcome. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What’s your background?

[0:52] Nikki: Okay, well, as you know, my name is Nikki Morris. I’m 32, 33 sorry. I live in Brisbane. I have three beautiful boys. Jack is seven, Oliver’s two and Daniel is one. I left school when I was in year 11 and since then I’ve just been working every job you can imagine. I’ve worked in retail, office work, hospitality, just trying to find my thing, my niche. My last job before direct selling was actually rolling burritos in a Mexican fast food venue.

[1:25] Jen: Ahh, that would have been interesting. [Laughs][1:28] Nikki: Lots of late nights.

[1:30] Jen: I bet. Why did you get involved in direct selling?

[1:33] Nikki: Why did I get involved? I just had my second son. I was dreading having to go back to work. I was driven by just wanting something better for my family. I didn’t want to be working those late nights anymore, smelling like onion. So that’s from the Mexican [inaudible]. I just wanted more. I knew there was more. I knew I could do more than those dead-end jobs.

[1:58] Jen: If you weren’t in direct selling, what do you think you could be doing? What would your life look like?

[2:03] Nikki: Honestly, I am pretty scared to think of where I would be right now without DS. We would have overdue bills. We would be living paycheck to paycheck. I would be working wherever I could, minimum wage. My babies would be in day care rather than at home with me. And me personally, I’ll feel pretty lonely. I’ve made so many amazing friends. That’s my life. I’ve got beautiful women around me and without direct selling I wouldn’t have that.

[2:35] Jen: Wow, that’s an incredible story that you have there. I know you’re excited to talk to us today about teamwork, can I ask you why you’re enthusiastic about that topic?

[2:45] Nikki: Teamwork? Well, teamwork makes the dream work, right? [Laughs][2:50] Jen: I like that.

[2:52] Nikki: Without teamwork, no one would be succeeding and that’s what network marketing is all about. I love working in the team. I get to share dream and common goal with so many other people around me.

[3:05] Jen: What does teamwork look like to you?

[3:07] Nikki: What does it look like? Teamwork to me is really different.

[3:13] Jen: When your team is working together, what does that look like to you?

[3:16] Nikki: Unity, strength – I see women supporting each other and cheering each other on as well. It’s not an easy job that everyone can do, but when you have so many other people around you doing the same thing, working together, supporting each other, that’s what teamwork is to me.

[3:35] Jen: It’s unlike other industries, isn’t it? I mean, coming out of retail and those kinds of environments, is that something you’ve ever experienced before?

[3:44] Nikki: Oh, no, definitely not. You actually get recognised by your upline. You get the recognition. You get that pat on the back as well that you just don’t get in a regular job, at all.

[3:56] Jen: And how did you come about this particular company. You said you are looking for something more. You knew there was something more out there for you, how did this come about for you?

[4:06] Nikki: I was with another company at that time so I had lots of different connection overseas on Facebook and I met a young girl on Facebook who was with this current company. There were no talk of them coming over here. I just fell in love with the product. It just looked good. It was different. It was something new that I hadn’t seen on the market before and I thought, I think that is going to be amazing and I think it’s going to come to Australia.

[4:32] Jen: Talk to me about your team, Nikki. How did you build such a large team so quickly? Can you share with me the story? How did you do this?

[4:41] Nikki: Well, our team at the moment is nearly two thousand strong and we’ve done that in six months. It’s our sixth month anniversary.

[4:49] Jen: Wow, that’s incredible.

[4:51] Nikki: Thank you. The girls are amazing and I think one of the main factors in that was social media; being able to use Facebook to build a team to be able to share your product. Gone are the days where we don’t have Facebook. We don’t need to go door to door to find new clients and new team members. So social media plays a massive part in building our business and our team. But also, sharing the opportunity with everyone. I do not ever judge a book by its cover. So, you want to offer that opportunity equally to everyone because you just don’t know what’s behind that front cover.

[5:35] Jen: That’s it, isn’t it. It’s all about timing. You can ask somebody today that may not want this opportunity. It might not be the right time. After a month from today and suddenly things have changed for them. You’re right, it’s about asking everybody and sharing that with everybody.

[5:52] Nikki: Exactly, right.

[5:53] Jen: Talk to me about the people in your team. What are they like? What does it look like in your team? What kind of people are they? Who are they?

[5:58] Nikki: Who are they? Well, we’ve got girls all around. We’ve got girls in Australia and New Zealand, USA, Canada. We’ve also got men on our team as well.

[6:11] Jen: Men on your team – looks like we haven’t really talked about the product, but it is something, I guess beauty related so that’s interesting that you have men. Are they husband and wife teams? How does that work?

[6:26] Nikki: No, the ones that I know well, we have one gentleman who is a butcher from Sydney and I personally have him – a man he works in a prison where I am. So it’s really different backgrounds.

[6:40] Jen: Wow. I didn’t expect you to say that at all. [Laughs][6:44] Nikki: Well, you know what, that’s the thing, they can see the business structure and they can see the business. They’re very business orientated men and they can see what an amazing opportunity it is.

[6:55] Jen: And what about moms? Do you have a lot of moms? I know that that’s the thing for you, what about the rest of your team? Are there a lot of moms in there?

[7:03] Nikki: Oh, definitely. I’ve seen well over fifty percent of our teams are moms. We’ve got working moms. I know a lot of them still work full time as well. We’ve got moms that want to be able to stay at home with their babies. So, lots of moms, lots of single moms, lots of moms with partners.

[7:21] Jen: You mentioned that you’ve got – part of your team is here, part is in New Zealand, do you physically meet with your team? How do you work together? Is it a virtual thing or a combination of both communication? How do you do that? Talk to me about it.

[7:35] Nikki: We all know communication is the key. It is different when we have such a large team and because it was built so quickly. I prefer to do a lot of my training, one on one, face to face, but obviously, that’s not possible with so many people around the world. So Skype is fantastic that we can have a quick chat. We can see each other as well and definitely, webinars, being able to contact and reach the greater number at once. But I’m pretty flexible. I want to ask my team what suits them because some people don’t like being on Skype. They’re too nervous. They need the one on one contact, and some just prefers a text message. I’m really flexible and we can work to suit their need.

[8:22] Jen: How do you create team synergy?

[8:26] Nikki: That’s a difficult one. I think synergy has been created within our team by creating energy and positivity in our team page. We also celebrate our goals. We celebrate our goals like crazy. Recognition is such an important thing. So from the tiniest things, from the first sale or to just having a home party, anything to promotion we want to celebrate and we celebrate it all together and we shout out, we congratulate each other, so that’s created a really good synergy between our team mates.

[9:01] Jen: What are your top tips for building a successful team? How are you finding the right people that are fitting with your team? Is this something that you manage? I know you said earlier that you don’t judge a book by its cover and you give everyone the opportunity, but how are you building such a successful team with the right people?

[9:19] Nikki: I think not everyone is going to be the right fit for your team, but I honestly don’t think that everyone needs to be the correct fit. I think as long as you find someone who is coachable and that team spirit, that team spirit is contagious, so regardless of the fit, I think people can come around and they can see how the team runs and how they fit in to it themselves. I’d probably save my top tips for building a successful team would be consistency. I think consistency is just so important.

You need to treat your business, just like that, as a business. You need to show up each day. You may only be part time but you need to set work hours and follow them. Definitely, be present. Your team needs to know that you’re there for them. You need to be approachable. They need to know that they can come to you and you need to go to them. And you just need to be present within your team. They need to know that you’re there and I would definitely say, you need to be “duplicatable”. Everything that you do, you need to make sure that your team can duplicate it.

[10:26] Jen: Have you ever had any issues or conflict within your team? How do you handle that if you’ve been faced with the challenge with the particular person or challenge within your team?

[10:37] Nikki: Oh, definitely. I see a lot of conflicts. Not big things at all but with such a large number of people, you’re going to have different personalities all the time. People that don’t know each and a lot of things that are lost in translation when they type on Facebook and that sort of thing. But look, at the end of the day, I’m not my team’s boss. That’s for sure, but I do want to help my team work out any issues so I have had to mediate in certain situations. I can get two parties together and help them work out their differences.

[11:14] Jen: So how do you get your team to work together to grow your businesses?

[11:20] Nikki: For me, I think that question should be, how do I work with my team to help them grow their businesses. If you focus on building others up, you will rise too. Often run team incentives based on income producing activities (IPA). There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of friendly competition.

[11:44] Jen: And how do you work with your team to get them to the next level?

[11:48] Nikki: For rank and advancement I always map out my teammates next promotion so they know exactly what they need to do, sales wise, they need to know what their team needs to do and we break it down into daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly tasks. I always touch in halfway through the month so they know exactly where they need to be to rank up. I find a lot of people, regardless of what level that they are I would contact five levels down just to say, “Hey, did you know you’re so close to promotion. This is what you need to do this month.” And I always find out my girls goals each month as well and I follow up with them. I think that’s one that we’ll do, we found out someone’s goal but we don’t touch base and say, “Hey, it’s the middle of the month, you’re doing so well. you’re so close to this. How are you going? What can I do to help?”

[12:39] Jen: You sound like a very supportive leader within your business. I think that people on your team are very lucky to have you. What’s the retention of leaders in your team like?

[12:49] Nikki: We are only six months old so our retention rate is fantastic at the moment. Many of our leaders joined the first month the company was launched so we did have a lot of leaders promoted very quickly. I do feel the reason leaders could drop off would be because they have promoted very quickly and they’ve not keep that momentum. They thought that it would continue to be something that was just very quick moving, really exciting, not realising that they have to put a lot of work into it each month.

[13:23] Jen: Oh, hello. You’ve got a little friend there. [Laughs][13:25] Nikki: He’s actually in the lounge room.

[13:29] Jen: Do you have any strategies that, you work together to increase retention and sort of avoid anyone falling back in your team?

[13:37] Nikki: Well, I personally definitely touch based with all my team managers and above, each month. I try to every couple of weeks. Also, we run a leader’s base group as well so all of the leaders can come together and work together more closely, so we know how we can help our team, what we need our leaders to be doing and finding out, being there, to know what’s going wrong if they need help in any way.

[14:02] Jen: What about training? Do you train live with people, face to face, or are you training via webinar, zoom? What do you think works best?

[14:11] Nikki: At the moment, I run mostly online training. So one on one sessions with Skype or just old school phone call. I am much better with the one on one but I’m about to launch a new webinar training schedule so I’m looking into some different webinars at the moment. The one I’m looking at is GoTo Webinar. It’s going to include weekly training. We’re going to do incentives and a recognition program through that as well. So definitely, yes. With a bigger team, I think webinars are definitely the way to go.

[14:44] Jen: Especially when you are spread so far and wide.

[14:46] Nikki: Exactly.

[14:47] Jen: How often are you providing training at the moment?

[14:49] Nikki: I do weekly and daily trainings.

[14:51] Jen: Oh, okay. Do you have a mentor or someone that you look up to that helps you in your business, Nikki?

[14:56] Nikki: I do. I’m so lucky I actually have two amazing mentors. My sponsor, I know that your sponsor is not necessarily who your mentor is, but my sponsor goes above and beyond to help me and my team. I’m very, very lucky to have her. I also have a fantastic mentor – my company has director of sales based in Australia and New Zealand. She’s worked with corporate, she’s a DS veteran and superstar. I’m very honoured to have her as my mentor. She is amazing.

[15:32] Jen: Are you able to get a time with her on a one and one as well, aren’t you?

[15:36] Nikki: I certainly do. She has set times. She does it for all of the leaders in our company so she’s there for everyone, but I’m able to call her at a drop of a hat if I need her. She organises training course for me and bigger events as well. I can organise and she’ll come see me and my team, which is amazing.

[15:55] Jen: Can you recommend any books or resources that have helped you along your journey?

[15:59] Nikki: There’s so many. I love Tony Robbins. I love Sarah Robbins. I love Eric Worre, Big Al, but if I have to choose just one it would definitely be Eric Worre’s book, Go Pro. He’s definitely changed how I look at my business.

[16:17] Jen: Tell me why.

[16:20] Nikki: It took me from a pretender to a superstar. No, not superstar. It just made me…[Laughs][16:28] Jen: This is no time for modesty.

[16:34] Nikki: Superstar definitely. But it made me look at my business, it made me realise that you couldn’t just keep faking it till you make it. You have to just stand up and own it and learn as much as you could. And that book helped me take that first step.

[16:49] Jen: In summary, Nikki, can you share with us the benefit of the lifestyle that direct selling has given to you.

[16:56] Nikki: Thanks to DS, I can work from home with my boys around me. I can pay my bills. I don’t have to count the dollars as I spend them at the grocery store. And I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of knowing that my boys as they grow up will be proud of me as well for doing something and I can give my boys a life that I could only ever have dreamed of. I guess that’s the thing with direct selling. Your earning potential is anything you wanted it to be if you put your work and your heart into what you do, you can do anything.

[17:34] Jen: That’s so true. That sounds like that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re creating the life that you want for you. So, good luck, Nikki. I think you’re doing an amazing job. I think that many people can learn from listening to your journey and help them along on their own. Thank you so much for being with us today. I’d love to chat to you.

[17:53] Nikki: You too, Jennifer. Thank you so much for such an honour to be invited. I’ve loved every second of it.

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