The Growth of the Direct Selling Industry

Direct Selling Australia is proud to support the direct sales channel in Australia.  Our diverse voluntary membership offers Australians flexible income opportunities while providing world-class products across a wide range of categories.

It’s been called multi-level marketing, networking marketing, social selling and now, it is referred to as the gig economy and a side hustle but regardless of its name it remains a force in the retail world presented as an alternative to the conventional “shop” experience. While many companies have come and gone throughout the Association’s 51 year history of advocacy, education and promotion, the channel continues to grow despite global financial challenges and changing consumer trends.  Boasting no glass ceiling, and void of any gender pay gap it is no wonder that 70% of half a million Australians active in direct sales are women. Add to that equation the opportunity for self-development and the readymade community of likeminded peers and it is easy to see why the line on the graph continues to rise.

Not all products brought to the market via direct sales succeed, nor do all businesses who chose to employ this model. All sectors of business have successes and failures and often with a varied amount of reasons for each; the Associations’ role is to ensure that our Members have the best possible environment to launch their products and conduct their business in Australia.  Our Code of Conduct which Members voluntarily adhere to guarantees not only compliance with the laws of fair trade in Australia but also ethical standards ensuring our channel remains strong and fair. You’re in great company.

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