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Over the course of the year, many people donate Usanimals to the USANA True Health Foundation. In fact, this year alone, 12,743 bottles of Usanimals (a daily multivitamin that helps support development for children ages 2 to 12) have already been donated. Ever wondered just where those Usanimals you donate go? Well, wonder no more! This year alone, the Foundation has, with your support, been able to provide many children in need all over the world with top-notch nutrition through Usanimals.


Our local partners have been working hard on trying to place orphans in the homes of family members rather than in traditional orphanages. This provides a deeper sense of belonging and enables the continuity of family relationships. In the event that family members are unable to step in, the children are placed into group homes, where there is a sense of community and belonging that eventually evolves into family. As a result, in Uganda and Zimbabwe, Usanimals are now being distributed via our network of local volunteers, who are familiar with individual needs and placement of children in their local communities.

In Ghana, on the other hand, the traditional system still exists, and the Usanimals have been provided to the “Word Alive”, “Arigu” and “Awiebo” children’s homes.

Latin America

In this area, Usanimals are provided for malnourished children who are often left to care for themselves. There are also medical brigades being conducted in rural areas where there is limited access to hospitals and medical care. Usanimals are provided for children at these brigades. In Guatemala, for example, the medical brigades are held twice a month and attended by an average of 1,200 people.

Other countries where service has been provided and Usanimals distributed include Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Peru.

In Haiti, on the other hand, there is a more traditional setting- like in Ghana, where the Usanimals have been provided to the “Houses of Hope” orphanage, hand-in-hand with being distributed through our network of local volunteers.product2_20140602044651

Strategic partnerships

The Foundation has been lucky and intentional enough to establish strategic partnerships that have allowed us to jump through the hoops presented by customs and immigration laws in multiple countries. More often than not, health products are frozen at various ports for months at a time or even for good- a complication that is understandable given the extensive nature of the testing that goes into those in most countries. We certainly do not take these partnerships for granted, as we would be unable to reach so many people without them.

The USANA True Health Foundation is also so grateful for your support, as we could not possibly do all the great work we are able to without you. There are children all over the world that now have a better chance at health, strength and growth because of YOUR donations.

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