Direct Selling Australia Welcome New Member Bioxyne to the Association

Direct Selling Australia (DSA) is proud to welcome Bioxyne International to the Association.

Bioxyne International is an Australian life science and health products company. Its consumer health products have been developed and sold globally for more than 15 years. Bioxyne is committed to bringing science to wellbeing – everything it does is underpinned by a strong clinical and scientific foundation.

“We are excited to welcome Bioxyne International to the Association,” said Gillian Stapleton, Executive Director of Direct Selling Australia. “Bioxyne is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards. We are delighted to have them as a member”, shared Gillian.

“It is an honour to qualify for DSA membership,” said Peter Hughes-Hallett, Director of Bioxyne. “To be accepted, applicants undertake an extensive due diligence process from both a legal and compliance perspective, which signifies our commitment to integrity in all we do. We look forward to working closely with DSA in the future”, shared Peter.

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