Without MINDSET you just get UPSET

How frustrating is it for your leaders/managers in the field, when they train consultants & distributors who do very little with the trained information? Perhaps you’ve noticed the energy levels in leaders who feel like they are on a hamster wheel of train and train and nothing different happens? Often, when good leaders are deflated, the red flag goes up and reactive measures happen haphazardly across the business. Imagine how more rewarding it would be, instead, to equip leaders with simple strategies to empower themselves AND their team members to develop both mindset and skillset, so no-one gets upset!


Think of the Pareto Principle – [80:20] – it keeps turning up in business! In order for your leaders/managers to HAVE a consistent rewarding business with an active growing team, how excitingly could your training program be enhanced if you knew it was 20% of what to DO ( the skills) and 80% of who to BE ( the mindset – the beliefs, the behaviours the becoming the best version of themselves). WOW! This means 80% of a leader’s success could be attributed to what’s going on in their mind! And let’s take that one step further – 80% of a consultant’s success could be attributed to what’s going on in their mind. You already know it; your training program is comprehensive and stepped out with a development sequence to follow. So what’s the difference? How come some people ‘get it’ and soar, while others behave differently and become stationary? It’s mindset.


Here’s one quick and simple mindset strategy to share with your leaders/managers. Perhaps it will help a leader; perhaps they can pass it on to their team and make a difference to someone who needs to empower themselves with a practical and relevant ah-ha moment like this!


We all have a mini-me. It’s the self-talk, the brain chatter, an inner dialogue. For some leaders and consultants their mini-me is resourceful and cheering them on. For others it’s the voice of fear, the reminder of what they’re not good at, and it holds them back.


Language leaves clues. A leader will be able to notice the language in themselves or the consultant they choose to assist. First, notice this; is their language focused on what they don’t want or what they do want? Let’s use the example; “I don’t want to go to this party and leave without bookings”. This language requires a new torch beam focus from what this consultant DOESN’T want, to what this consultant DOES want. It’s time to start an empowering and resourceful mindset. Of course it must always start with awareness because awareness provides choice – to change, or not. The minute you are aware of owning any disempowering self-talk, you also own the choice to flip it, and here’s how in 2 simple steps:


Step 1:

Acknowledge you just said something to yourself you DON’T want. Say it out loud or say it internally to yourself – either way make sure you say to your mini-me, “Thank you I’ve finished with you”

Step 2:

Now focus and re-language it to what you DO want to happen. Say it out loud or say it internally to yourself – either way you give your brain the new command to direct your focus. Our example becomes, “I notice I’m getting better at booking at parties”.


Of course if a brief refresher of what to DO is required, that’s a given – those booking tips will be discussed between the leader and the consultant. The consultant is ready, now that the mindset and focus is where it needs to be. Their result will change too.

About the Author

Beverley has decades of experience in retail, communication, customer service, sales and leadership roles.  Throughout her entire career; her natural leadership, training and coaching skills quickly saw her creating team performance magic, inspiring fellow colleagues to be the best they can be and to deliver outstanding service ~ and expanded results ~ to business.

Beverley Unitt

Founder , BE YOU Success Coaching

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